Saturday, 11 February 2012

Holla February~♥

Hollllla~~~~How everyone doing? Hoping everyone doing good with this new year and more this year bring n double happiness to you :) well, as i am, i can confidently said that from the past years, been kinda tough years but still can get through it. but this year feels soo bright and fresh as the beginning of the year was very good and everybody was having a good time. and it really good beginning actually. and i very like it! hope very year could be like this. hehe:P  So yups! Here it's February on it's way to going day by day and as like usually Time did goes soo fast and it's 2012 now! Hoohooooohoooo that how my 2011 year goes by and here now February 2012 is getting fast and we really out of time to waste it. soo PEOPLE get u time to doo all you wanna do it before it too late. hehe^_^   ohyeah! This month will be a special n romantics month to every LOVER? Guessss! It's VALENTINE DAYs!!!!!'s is! haha:D so what you guys plan for this coming VALENTINE DAYs well, hope u guys having a great time n romantics days with the love on. for me, well, as u guys know, i'm a single lady soooo yeah no with someone just by myself. i mean,  get too used it not that desperate to have someone yet. haha:D still i still enjoy my life by myself and gonna treat my self for this valentine days. maybe going watch movie, shopping n adventure some foods! haha:) n plus i the person who really love to enjoy by myself and love myself more! kakakaka:P and if u guys did know a guys that nice u should intro me someday! hahahhaa:D *just joke* 

ohgosh! I could't not wait to haunted those shopping malls!!! it been awhile since i get too shopping man! really needed it! and FOODS! have to get it far away from now as i start to kept fit/diet soo have to control my daily meals now! HAVE TOO!!! 
ALICE!!! Gambateh ne! <3<3♥♥ but You know what when FOODS in you eyes! u just can't stop starring it and it really make me feeels shift sometimes! hehehe:D
♥♥Having Wonderful Valentine Days ♥♥


  1. Replies
    1. hehe:) HAPPY VALENTINE DAY to yoou too back:) ehehhe:P

  2. did you get any roses?? :D

    1. Oooooh! how i wish i could get one actually! kakaka:P
      nope my dear. hehe:) happy valentine day tooo u! :)