Friday, 3 February 2012

My Friday Date.

 Malaysia Delight~~~
 Lam Chop beef~~
 Upperstar Restaurant~~
  N that Meee  n my friend ELAINE~~

Having a great day with my bestie in this beautiful Friday~~~hehe:) 
day was soo good and it everything was sooo smooth. 
Spending my time with one of my BF was awesome! and it was a great chit chat. :) 
ride public bus back home at night totally super fun and it really been awhile dint ride bus soo it really feels goods n feel like we back to our old school memories. :) 


  1. You guys had such a great meal. I'm so hungry now.

  2. the food looks amazing *drool*

  3. Thank you for the birthday greeting! The food looks so delish! Argh. My tummy is grumbling now :p

  4. Girlie Blogger: hahaha:) thanks Girlie blogger! :)

    Rina: YES! it's is! :) haha:P the food s was great!

    Vina Yabut: Aaaaw! u welcome! :)