Monday, 13 February 2012

OOOOh~~my cute pimples! :P

OOOhhhh! My little cute pimples became like this! Ohgooooosh! i though it was gonna be fine and nothing wrong after i pich it and the next morning i wake up and it became like thisssssss! OOOOOh  i was sooooo shock by it and i almost gonna cry of it! hahaha:P 
BT i know it will fine it just take a few days only to recover this *i hope** and my face will became as usually! hehe:) it like became my moles nooooow! haha:) when i went out for awhile i find out that i looook awkward with my face! haha:) Maybe this little "MOLE" loooook dark n bigger on my face. hohohohoho:) anyways! i sure my face will get back normal in a few days:) hehehee:)


  1. Replies
    1. haha:D but now it getting better! hehhe:)

  2. anyways i loved your tshirt :) u look pretty, and loved your blog too


    1. Aaaw! thank you:) it mean alot:) btw, have a great dya:)

  3. Love your top :D I'm your newest follower :)