Saturday, 31 March 2012

It's a Sun and Sea Days! :)

Of of the famous dessert "ROJAK fruit with extra cuttlefish" . the famous food for Tourist! :) as one of my favorite tooooo! ^^

This another transportation of the sea. that still using at here ALTHOUGH it 2012. hihihi:) 

While take a walk at...we saw a beautiful Sunset! hahahha::D  <3<3

People start to chilling around to see the sunset.   
There's a local stalls which sells a various of local food for tourist n local people too. but don't see it just a small stall but the price could cost you like having at RESTAURANT too.haha:P  but i think it's worth as the food really fresh and the sea food really super FRESH and you could having really local tatse then western taste actually. so that what make a different. 

And that me and my little sister!:)enjoy the walk...the sun and the sea too :)

So that my day with my little sister and it all about Sun and Sea after soo long didn't saw a SEA n a beautiful sunset actually! so i glad that we get a super great timing tooo see those beautiful things . haha:D

 I mean it like been a year i didn't catch my time too see sunset and just walk or hanging out at place like this so basicaly i really HAPPY that i can get my day being with this i always wanna do. hihihi^.^ actually there many of picture we take but i just upload a few only as there a part 2 also which we celebrate the EARTH HOURS 2012 AT BEAUTIFUL place which also near by the sea too. 

Stay tune for my PART 2 ! hehe:)

Hope you guys have a wonderful day and enjoy the days:)


Tuesday, 27 March 2012

My RedLipsticks! :)


Although life now soo damn crazy!! but still i need to enjoy of it right? i can't depressed for every single day. right? hehe:P
 well..., life on me still exactly the same ACTUALLY! miracle not yet shine on me. hahaa:D but never mind i still waiting that day come tooooo me:) *fingercrossed* nothing is easy and nothings is look hard as if u trying had to get it. huuuuhuuuuuu
Hope gonna be a better year,day for me! Amen! really need it this time! #Seriously! :

~So i been super obsessed with RED color now! as it really smoking HOOOOTT! babe! and ofcourse the color does go well with different way you look, dress and sexyyyy. haha:D 
BELIEVE meee, i think RED LIPSTICK does look goood for every women outside there. it really stand you personalities and the ways you dress. soo GIRLS doo goo grab A RED COLOR LIPSTICK FOR YOU new different look again. hihihi:) 

Have a great days people! and too my new followers welcome tooo my page here :

Friday, 23 March 2012

Feels the day. :)

I'm....I'm... SOOOOO Double HAPPPPPPPY for my little sister for getting a great result of her examination on her secondary school and i really wanna thank to God for make it happen. God i really happy that u did hear my pray and i really happy till my tears come out!! haha:D What the goood news and it really does happy for all of us!:) Thank you god! really THANK YOU! Hope she will became a great person to her big dream now. she on another step to to make her wish come true. Hope step will getting smooth yon her.  God hope this will be a great mean to her. Hope everything went smoothly on her. *fingercrossed* Amen. GBU <3<3

~While waiting my little sister hanging out with her friends, i was taking a some moment or time to spending a Alone time. haha:D sound sooo Emo leh! well..well...back to my story of this day. i did realize something while spending my time like this. I did some re-flash back moment of my life time in past. i did do a pretty good job actually handle my life although it soo Roiling in deep Sometimes. it full of  different color and the sadness and the happiness but that how life on to. I kinds sooo pity to my life right now it like i did feel soo lonely but not lonely for BF but for myself and my life that i have a years back then. Really don't have anyone to call up or miss out. i feel like this is how i am. Never really being my self at all when i was with someone. Speak honestly i really enjoy of my day being like this, wondering around how people act, think about my future, think about my career and think about how i gonna spend my rest of the life with this Earth. hihihi:) Only god know all this answer and me just can waiting that day will come to me and that time i might will get a answer. I think i scared o everything in my life, i scared how life gonna turn me this time. i dunno how to make a explanation for it but i just could hope and wish for it. Every step i taking does require me alot of heart too make a better choice. and now i dunno if this a better choice or just another way to make a choice.. ~

Have a great day:)

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Day Out! :)

 One of the famous Malls in city. hehe:)
On our back home.....Snap a few of the view. hehee:) 
All time favorite Ice-cream. #Yummy!
Outing with this two crazy siblings! haha":) 
 McDonald!!!!! :)
 My beautiful little sister! :) 
Me and my little sister(Emelia) 

Yeayyyyyy! It's siblings day! :) huhuhu... Hang out with my little sister n brother definitely is a goood day ever tooo me! :) super double crazy time we have. i feel like a kids again when outing with them #Seriusly! but in somehow i feel like Aunty!!!! Grrrrr! It like Bring my own kids toooo shopping as we don't loook as a siblings at all. Ohwell...:)  anyways, The day was super awesome and we having alot of fun time and ofcourse nothing is better than grab soooooome great food! haha:)

What the day we have. Goooooood! 100% ! <3<3

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Feeling the Blue~~~

Yesss! I'm back with this Blues Day! hehehehe:P i think i been soo obsessed with bright color ACTUALLY:) LOL! wELL....How everyone day? i hope this month bring more luck and happiness to you guyssss n family! :)

Let's begin my story this lately, well...huhuhuh...i beeen super in my dreaming lands lately NOT lately BUT always! Omg! i think soon i will having a bad..bad..bad insomnia. Hiaz....been sooooooo late slept then having alot of though and though and though..though...though again.!! Seriously..i really neeeed medicine for it. i couldn't kept doing like this as it gonna KILL me instead! :((

I think i do really neeeeed to change this bad habits sleept late it such a bad healthy for my body. soo i wish i could listen more my body when i telling that i going toooo slept RIGHT NOW!! hahaha:P sooo this time ALICE you musssst do it and slept early! kakakakaka:P sooo am crossing my finger for it.! Amen! :)
Beside this matters, there many thing that beeen on going which is give me really bad headache! Ish....i just dunno how to start to telling about this and i just dunno how to express it. Grrrrrr! But i know it feel soo wrong and heavy if i kept let myself going this ways. but i really can't help myself at all. sooo i really hope i can get this rid of my head, mind and whatever take it. sometimes ignore it really bad idea actually as i beeeen try it soo manyy times but Hell yea! Huhuhuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.

Anyways, snap a few photo too updated my lately story and picture:) hehehehehe:P

Thursday, 15 March 2012


" Hello is the starting point of things beginning
every single day saying hello for very situation
no matter how strong we take it still hello
hello to many hurt you get really get back hello
Hurt sometimes we can forced or not get it 
but it's something we really need to accept it be. 
no matter how young,old there still a piece of Hurt that 
never get rid of you pieces of heart.
Nothing has better than being trauma for this memories
no matter it's bad or good still Hurt around with this way.
it's not easy as you wash with water but it hard as you get fire burn it
even fire can't beat it. 
it can be a nicest thing you could dream about
nothing but wish can be somethings special about this hurt.

I'm a hopeless for things you wish but i did hurt more than you wish things could be
i take it deep way for express how it work for me.
emotional make me feel uneasy, tears drop like never stop 
never okay when it end being like this
the line getting broken, feeling the distance we make
whether it me or you but we both know or maybe we never know
the hurt we have exactly the same but the way we accept it end with different way
understand the way you get hurt upset me but the way you hurt me with things small
really off me somewhere. 

 Maybe we just can't be the same for the past 10 years we did have
for 20,30,40,50....years come we might stand in different path 
and just a safe way for both feelings.
i will never ask the forget but Thank You for make me living in this earth.
couldn't never give back what have i done but Thank You lean for everything 

 what could we have each other now.....never though we could have this day come tooo 
there no guaranteed but wish could a way for end this feelings.
just wish...just wish....just wish.... "

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Try something new new of lipstick!

Yeaaaaaaah! It's March people! are u excited with the new month here???? well...hope March did treat you guys better! hehe:) well...hereeeee another again..again...again....TIME flies like nothing lately..hrmm...really make me soooo anxious, nervous and nothing better than i feeel Scared the most! :((

Hrm..actually, i have alot toooo story about...but in somehow i feel lazy n yeah feel like i still kinda in process trying to take this kind of road, faith that happen.  hihihihi:) soo in process learning and take it in positive way now. soo wish me best of luck! :) hehehe soooo hard time sure will past right? n good time will come along with shine again. *fingercrossed*

Here my March snap a picture of mine wearing  abit dark lipstick which is i never try before soo yeah kinda give me different look and i like a different look for each time i wearing something or put on somethings. hehehehe:P