Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Day Out! :)

 One of the famous Malls in city. hehe:)
On our back home.....Snap a few of the view. hehee:) 
All time favorite Ice-cream. #Yummy!
Outing with this two crazy siblings! haha":) 
 McDonald!!!!! :)
 My beautiful little sister! :) 
Me and my little sister(Emelia) 

Yeayyyyyy! It's siblings day! :) huhuhu... Hang out with my little sister n brother definitely is a goood day ever tooo me! :) well...it super double crazy time we have. i feel like a kids again when outing with them #Seriusly! but in somehow i feel like Aunty!!!! Grrrrr! It like Bring my own kids toooo shopping as we don't loook as a siblings at all. Ohwell...:)  anyways, The day was super awesome and we having alot of fun time and ofcourse nothing is better than grab soooooome great food! haha:)

What the day we have. Goooooood! 100% ! <3<3


  1. OHH i loved visiting your city through your eyes and loved seeing the pics of you and your siblings!!! you guys are such a good looking family!