Friday, 23 March 2012

Feels the day. :)

I'm....I'm... SOOOOO Double HAPPPPPPPY for my little sister for getting a great result of her examination on her secondary school and i really wanna thank to God for make it happen. God i really happy that u did hear my pray and i really happy till my tears come out!! haha:D What the goood news and it really does happy for all of us!:) Thank you god! really THANK YOU! Hope she will became a great person to her big dream now. she on another step to to make her wish come true. Hope step will getting smooth yon her.  God hope this will be a great mean to her. Hope everything went smoothly on her. *fingercrossed* Amen. GBU <3<3

~While waiting my little sister hanging out with her friends, i was taking a some moment or time to spending a Alone time. haha:D sound sooo Emo leh! well..well...back to my story of this day. i did realize something while spending my time like this. I did some re-flash back moment of my life time in past. i did do a pretty good job actually handle my life although it soo Roiling in deep Sometimes. it full of  different color and the sadness and the happiness but that how life on to. I kinds sooo pity to my life right now it like i did feel soo lonely but not lonely for BF but for myself and my life that i have a years back then. Really don't have anyone to call up or miss out. i feel like this is how i am. Never really being my self at all when i was with someone. Speak honestly i really enjoy of my day being like this, wondering around how people act, think about my future, think about my career and think about how i gonna spend my rest of the life with this Earth. hihihi:) Only god know all this answer and me just can waiting that day will come to me and that time i might will get a answer. I think i scared o everything in my life, i scared how life gonna turn me this time. i dunno how to make a explanation for it but i just could hope and wish for it. Every step i taking does require me alot of heart too make a better choice. and now i dunno if this a better choice or just another way to make a choice.. ~

Have a great day:)

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