Thursday, 15 March 2012


" Hello is the starting point of things beginning
every single day saying hello for very situation
no matter how strong we take it still hello
hello to many hurt you get really get back hello
Hurt sometimes we can forced or not get it 
but it's something we really need to accept it be. 
no matter how young,old there still a piece of Hurt that 
never get rid of you pieces of heart.
Nothing has better than being trauma for this memories
no matter it's bad or good still Hurt around with this way.
it's not easy as you wash with water but it hard as you get fire burn it
even fire can't beat it. 
it can be a nicest thing you could dream about
nothing but wish can be somethings special about this hurt.

I'm a hopeless for things you wish but i did hurt more than you wish things could be
i take it deep way for express how it work for me.
emotional make me feel uneasy, tears drop like never stop 
never okay when it end being like this
the line getting broken, feeling the distance we make
whether it me or you but we both know or maybe we never know
the hurt we have exactly the same but the way we accept it end with different way
understand the way you get hurt upset me but the way you hurt me with things small
really off me somewhere. 

 Maybe we just can't be the same for the past 10 years we did have
for 20,30,40,50....years come we might stand in different path 
and just a safe way for both feelings.
i will never ask the forget but Thank You for make me living in this earth.
couldn't never give back what have i done but Thank You lean for everything 

 what could we have each other now.....never though we could have this day come tooo 
there no guaranteed but wish could a way for end this feelings.
just wish...just wish....just wish.... "


  1. love that picture and your poem!!!

  2. heheheh:) thank yo lisa sister! :)