Monday, 5 March 2012

The Something of hearts.

The picture take from somewhere Internet website.

 Discover the way you act make me feels it not right
taking a step to learn how ur behave 
really take alot of heart beat 
step never easy to start but willing to take will easy to go
waiting the road might change the way it's is 
but it stand to far to follow up
just could stand with saying goodbye for everything
i running, running, running 
but you put the car and ride it faster to left me
there is no way to run toward you while i just stand and
watch you left the road. 

When you start talk, you talk just never end
without hesitated it, you just left it and talk like you knowing 
what is wrong, what is right
The moment of my time speak i just leave it all 
cus it a pointless to stand for the right one what  it's is
that how my hearts kept beat so fast every time it happen
everything do have a time to stop when it really need so do 
hearts but once it stop it might will never back again or if it does
maybe it you're lucky person.  

Something it's white but something it's black


  1. this is such a moving poem did you pen this??

    1. Aaaw! hello my big sister! hehe:) hope ur doing well. :)'s is.*embarrassed* hihihi
      thank for like it! :) it really awesome feelings! :)