Sunday, 22 April 2012


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Sooo....yeah that the beginning of my blogs little today! i hope everyone have a lovely day and month and hope this month does treat you guys better. i know....i know...i been quite less on my blogs lately :( i abit lazy this a few week so that make me noo mooding on writing. hahah:) but hope after this wont be so lazy updated here but instead i kinda ACTIVE to reading another people blogs actually. hihihihi ^.^

basically, i been quite busy with a few stuff which is my little sister just graduate from high school and soon gonna enter her college life and also she is still doing her therapy actually after operation last two month ago. still in the way to recover with therapy but there a bad news as she still feel the pain while she walk and this pain is another one that bother her as she though n we(my family) though there wont be feel any pain after operation but i guess it is not so last two week ago, we went to follow up check up with Doctor and the doctor said if her feel the pain again and that bother her then them have to under go again the operation and dunno how to said it but it kind of they have to block the joints but if they do so it will be hard for her to move alot as there is limit. so it kinda really bother us but hopefully after went to therapy hope she will fully recover and get well soon so wont go through again for operation. after struggle for a past week ago, finally she has make her choose to study a medical course first she really wanna do the doctor course but seem it a bit long process for her to take it so she decide to do the other course but still a medical course too. so i gonna updated it once everything was settle. hehehe:) so wish us the best of luck! :) God bless! 

I really need to do something to make my list achieved to been done this year. i really need it but i just dunno how i gonna make it come true. it reeeally double everything and time did rush me to the very limit time now. haix...i really stress over all this matters to me. i really dunno how to feel it. i just dunno know...dunno know. it too difficult for me too think n think n think again. Grrrrrrrr!! i really neeeeed a Chocolate to make me stay a relax for an hour now. realllly! what should i done now..? which way should i get my own road now...? i just really confuse now. OHMY...! i feel like wanna hit my head against the wall now!!!Grrr........ Just hope everything will fine. *FINGERCROSSED*

so i just feel i dunno with this everything that going on my life............?

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Play thePop Out the color Redblack.

This what i call when i really not in the super good mood and yes i been super really down lately! :( 
everything look extremely "CRAZY".

I think this is just a another shoot for me to playing with it. As i never though this will give me a different way n look actually. so honestly another new way discover for my new photo color. hehe:) i think this is soo cool and yessssssssss i loving with the way it's come out! :DDD

I guess i been so lazy on blogs now. as i less on my blog as i spending my time on tweet only. hihihihi^^ plus there many on going on my life right now which i really can't been take a time to rest my brain sometimes! Grrr.....i also don't know how i can put this all and go through with all of it again. :( there soo many things i really wanna talk about and let out what been kept inside my head now. but it really hard to express with word and sometimes i really traveling my head soo much with this all matters. ohgosh! i can feel my head gonna lack in someday!!!! :((( this is not easy at all. maybe i thinking too much or maybe this is just nothing. but the truly is i can't think like there is nothing wrong or pretend it was. i hope i can endure in any situation now. that the best for myself.

Saturday, 14 April 2012

The moment of time.

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Have you really wonder how this moment going to take everything from you.i think as me, it does take a lot of progress and yes it does hurt the most. the moment really take me alot of waiting, hope, wish , pray, happy. for what i can get is just a rather between all the situation.sometimes i really feeling that does we really have to going through this super roller coaster road to make a better choice for a better life. i figure it out it not about our choices sometimes but it really does bothers me how people really judges everything about ourselves. the fact is we just never run from people talk about our self. that just our normal life .  

What doesn't kill stronger. EVERYTHING. Everything seem so perfect with all this best gift you could ask. You could never create this GREAT gift from it. day by day, year by year, you growing up and everything is change for all the season and you just don't even feel the same that you used to have when you just a kids. A little more of everything, definitely the distance is far and sometimes there a way to make it better but something it doesn't. What you feel is really stronger than anyone can really know how it feel.  maybe this is just a nightmare for me but when i wake up in the next morning, this is not a dream but this is just reality for me. there a moment i wish i can have a great morning, afternoon, night. but we just can't even ask this a perfect day. you just gonna let it happen naturally. having this soo much complicated self really lock me in. it really hard to open my heart to someone that really can understand myself. even me, myself i can't even figure out how really i am? like i don't dunno anything about myself. i dunno how to judged my self. it really make me having a complicated. i really stranger to my self. Like there a word people always said that, "sometimes in order to knowing you self and understand you need, sometimes you just have to taking a step to start trust someone that you can open up. A friends that was real for you. they might a another solution way for you to really learning a process finding you self in many ways." i sure there a place for me, a friends for me that will always support me and be there for me. so i just gonna wait till that moment come for me. dunno if this gonna be a real for me but just like everybody does, i always hoping there a little miracle for me. ^^ *fingercrossed*

" We just never knew how many things that we really can let go actually. "

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Welcome to April 2012~~

Soo how everybody been doing lately? well..i really hope you guys did have a great time. ! :) and hope this month does treat you guys better more! hihihihi:) Can you really believe that it APRIL now? Omg! seriously i think i been living in the dreamland sometimes and wonder how those time fliesss just a minute. huhuhuuhuu
Well...well..well...Talking about my life lately well...there's certain things does change and still look same. can i put a word for it. Tik..tok..tik...tok...Sometimes it really not about how i gonna explain any situation for it happen but i just don't have words for it and Yeah! i am working on it. i been travel my head and spinning my head for look a better words or way to make a better explain to you but things don't seem a good one actually. so i admit it's blame on me. honestly, a past few month does take me lot of strength for me to find a truly future and time for everything's. Sometimes think about how struggle am i find a better reason to said it still never be use one. so i learning how bad was it. there part of my self that i feel like wanna time! I meant it! Grrrrrr... am i giving too many excuse for everything? well.. i just gonna look back again. the speed i am taking now super over my limit now which is i can feel i can fly toooooooooo somewhere. i never ask a understand for certain people but when you're the close one tooo me i wish there a understanding feeling between us but i dunno where is the wrong between the connection. i feel like i lost in time there i can feel sometimes i cant back again. the though of though that i been thinking for over again, i always wonder if there any place or space for me to change my ways? Sometimes whatever was it really soo tough and difficult to understand where you really not in the best position. it really insecure at all. But to pleasant every single person like you really so tough and i am really so unsecured and in suddenly in my life i think i really in the way to lost in somewhere i should belong...? i just dunno how deal with it. As
" i just a ordinary girl with simple way to make a living. i just wanna explore the life of myself with simple, easy and positive. " JUST TIME WILL DEAL WITH IT. Can i be that simple only.....?

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Sunday, 1 April 2012

Part 2(Night): Celebrate Earth Hour 2012.

Take a long walk to arrived the malls. haha:) but thank god! the weather was nice and we really enjoy walking to our destination! haha:) 

Seee.....we are waiting the GREEN LIGHT. haha:) to across the road. 
so i rolling snap them picture. Mygod they look like a tourist find a way to goooo shopping! kakaka:P 

 Yess...Angry Birds still Popular crazy at here like other's Character's cartoon.

 Hereeeeeeee The Nightssssss Begin! 

The view of sea with some of the boat around there. we just sit near by hereeee. Awesome view!

Our drinks really great and the food not really nice as it too sweet. hihihiih^^

 It's Fish and Chips. 
 Lamp Chop and chips.
Here we goooooo! :) Happy Earth Hour Days. ^^

Them my lover date on
this beautiful nights. ♥♥♥♥

Having a greatttt time! :)

Chilling around with them definitely was Awesome and Crazy Sister! haha:) 
Such a great day and blast day! :) 


Yayyyy! As you can see my post previous one here ( ) we been hanging out for a whole day till nights. 
all i can said is everything was AWESOME! and we did have a crazy and great time for this whole day at HAPPY EARTH HOUR DAY ! :) and we did celebrate it with having dinner together. so it our very first time together like this celebrate . haha:) but honestly it really good..really good and ofcourse we having alot of  FUN! ^^
 Walk the streets, city ,road really something i wish to do and now i have my sister n brother accompany me soo definitely a good days! ^_^  hope you guys enjoy the picture! :)