Sunday, 1 April 2012

Part 2(Night): Celebrate Earth Hour 2012.

Take a long walk to arrived the malls. haha:) but thank god! the weather was nice and we really enjoy walking to our destination! haha:) 

Seee.....we are waiting the GREEN LIGHT. haha:) to across the road. 
so i rolling snap them picture. Mygod they look like a tourist find a way to goooo shopping! kakaka:P 

 Yess...Angry Birds still Popular crazy at here like other's Character's cartoon.

 Hereeeeeeee The Nightssssss Begin! 

The view of sea with some of the boat around there. we just sit near by hereeee. Awesome view!

Our drinks really great and the food not really nice as it too sweet. hihihiih^^

 It's Fish and Chips. 
 Lamp Chop and chips.
Here we goooooo! :) Happy Earth Hour Days. ^^

Them my lover date on
this beautiful nights. ♥♥♥♥

Having a greatttt time! :)

Chilling around with them definitely was Awesome and Crazy Sister! haha:) 
Such a great day and blast day! :) 


Yayyyy! As you can see my post previous one here ( ) we been hanging out for a whole day till nights. 
all i can said is everything was AWESOME! and we did have a crazy and great time for this whole day at HAPPY EARTH HOUR DAY ! :) and we did celebrate it with having dinner together. so it our very first time together like this celebrate . haha:) but honestly it really good..really good and ofcourse we having alot of  FUN! ^^
 Walk the streets, city ,road really something i wish to do and now i have my sister n brother accompany me soo definitely a good days! ^_^  hope you guys enjoy the picture! :) 



  1. awww love this pics you look like you are having such a fun time!! i loveee your red polka dot blouse w/ the green earrings.. such a pretty contrasting color combination! yummmmm those drinks look SOOO GOOD!!!

    1. thank you sistar! :) well..i did since it our siblings outing time:)

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    1. aWWWWWW!!!1 Thank you:) such a sweet form you. i always feel great n appreciated for all my followers give me such a support and give me ton of idea to blogging:) soooo thank to them i did as best for my blogs too^^ sure! definitely! :) have a great day dolls:)