Saturday, 21 April 2012

Play thePop Out the color Redblack.

This what i call when i really not in the super good mood and yes i been super really down lately! :( 
everything look extremely "CRAZY".

I think this is just a another shoot for me to playing with it. As i never though this will give me a different way n look actually. so honestly another new way discover for my new photo color. hehe:) i think this is soo cool and yessssssssss i loving with the way it's come out! :DDD

I guess i been so lazy on blogs now. as i less on my blog as i spending my time on tweet only. hihihihi^^ plus there many on going on my life right now which i really can't been take a time to rest my brain sometimes! Grrr.....i also don't know how i can put this all and go through with all of it again. :( there soo many things i really wanna talk about and let out what been kept inside my head now. but it really hard to express with word and sometimes i really traveling my head soo much with this all matters. ohgosh! i can feel my head gonna lack in someday!!!! :((( this is not easy at all. maybe i thinking too much or maybe this is just nothing. but the truly is i can't think like there is nothing wrong or pretend it was. i hope i can endure in any situation now. that the best for myself.


  1. Hey, very cool pictures! I love. The red details, they suit you :)

  2. Those pics are so pretty and cool!!!! Following you on GFC:)

    Kisses, Lucy!