Saturday, 31 March 2012

It's a Sun and Sea Days! :)

Of of the famous dessert "ROJAK fruit with extra cuttlefish" . the famous food for Tourist! :) as one of my favorite tooooo! ^^

This another transportation of the sea. that still using at here ALTHOUGH it 2012. hihihi:) 

While take a walk at...we saw a beautiful Sunset! hahahha::D  <3<3

People start to chilling around to see the sunset.   
There's a local stalls which sells a various of local food for tourist n local people too. but don't see it just a small stall but the price could cost you like having at RESTAURANT too.haha:P  but i think it's worth as the food really fresh and the sea food really super FRESH and you could having really local tatse then western taste actually. so that what make a different. 

And that me and my little sister!:)enjoy the walk...the sun and the sea too :)

So that my day with my little sister and it all about Sun and Sea after soo long didn't saw a SEA n a beautiful sunset actually! so i glad that we get a super great timing tooo see those beautiful things . haha:D

 I mean it like been a year i didn't catch my time too see sunset and just walk or hanging out at place like this so basicaly i really HAPPY that i can get my day being with this i always wanna do. hihihi^.^ actually there many of picture we take but i just upload a few only as there a part 2 also which we celebrate the EARTH HOURS 2012 AT BEAUTIFUL place which also near by the sea too. 

Stay tune for my PART 2 ! hehe:)

Hope you guys have a wonderful day and enjoy the days:)



  1. Awesome pics! You look amazing in white- black laced dress!

    1. THANK YOU:) actually that my little sister! :)

  2. I like your polka dot red shirt and your sister's lace dress, and such a beautiful sunset :)

    1. Awww! thank you! yes!!! the weather was sooo nice till we can see the beautiful sunset^^