Saturday, 7 April 2012

Welcome to April 2012~~

Soo how everybody been doing lately? well..i really hope you guys did have a great time. ! :) and hope this month does treat you guys better more! hihihihi:) Can you really believe that it APRIL now? Omg! seriously i think i been living in the dreamland sometimes and wonder how those time fliesss just a minute. huhuhuuhuu
Well...well..well...Talking about my life lately well...there's certain things does change and still look same. can i put a word for it. Tik..tok..tik...tok...Sometimes it really not about how i gonna explain any situation for it happen but i just don't have words for it and Yeah! i am working on it. i been travel my head and spinning my head for look a better words or way to make a better explain to you but things don't seem a good one actually. so i admit it's blame on me. honestly, a past few month does take me lot of strength for me to find a truly future and time for everything's. Sometimes think about how struggle am i find a better reason to said it still never be use one. so i learning how bad was it. there part of my self that i feel like wanna time! I meant it! Grrrrrr... am i giving too many excuse for everything? well.. i just gonna look back again. the speed i am taking now super over my limit now which is i can feel i can fly toooooooooo somewhere. i never ask a understand for certain people but when you're the close one tooo me i wish there a understanding feeling between us but i dunno where is the wrong between the connection. i feel like i lost in time there i can feel sometimes i cant back again. the though of though that i been thinking for over again, i always wonder if there any place or space for me to change my ways? Sometimes whatever was it really soo tough and difficult to understand where you really not in the best position. it really insecure at all. But to pleasant every single person like you really so tough and i am really so unsecured and in suddenly in my life i think i really in the way to lost in somewhere i should belong...? i just dunno how deal with it. As
" i just a ordinary girl with simple way to make a living. i just wanna explore the life of myself with simple, easy and positive. " JUST TIME WILL DEAL WITH IT. Can i be that simple only.....?

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  3. hope you got it sorted out hun!!