Wednesday, 30 May 2012

ma belle jour de naissance 30.05.2012

hey..hey! i sure some of you must be curious about this date right? hehehehe:)'s actually my big day in my life which is MY BIRTHDAY. hehehe:) "Happy Birthday to me" ooooh noooo, i getting old now. i really hate the fact i will getting old. Grrrrr...! but i know...i know that one of the process that as a human being have to go through right. so i admit that. but as time goes we really think about all of things, our future, our dream, our hope, our happiness and our day growing old. Thinking of those will happen, we just never know the result for all this gonna be for us. so i always told myself i have to live in better life and even there a hard time to get through still have to stand with happy without depressed. but i just a human being sometimes i can't fight this feeling when it come to certain part i did not wish to be. i just depressed with it. it's hard. specially on this day, been a day for me to refresh everything what have happen in my life and it been quite a emotional day for me to remember what have happen to me, family, friends, dream, future. A time i stuck with life. soo it really a time to reflect back, it like sooo silent moment and the moment i should always holding up for it. 

Just like every person make a wish for every candle blow by it there a moment we have to make a wish just like when we saw a shooting stars in sky that a moments. A piece of cake with 22 candles blow it with a silent pray. that how simple celebrate my sweet 22 but it full with memories that night which i think the best moments with my parents and my siblings. it such a wonderfully feeling and day with them. i really never stop to said that i always glad that god been my side and thank you for giving day like this again b'cus like there a word for "We never knew what gonna happen tomorrow but for sure we have to live life as there no tomorrow, appreciate everything in a day for it" i really kept live for it. 
Beginning for this early years 2012, there really many things going on and off and i can barely tell that i really glad that everything happen end with good and i truly glad and always thank you god for always be there for me and listen my prayer for every each question i asking. there no word to describe how much i really appreciate it. There a things i really wish i can achieved it by this year which i really hope i can get a job very soon as it been a long way for to kept looking for  it. i know it really a big issues and it one of things everyone been kept asking for but i never stop look for it and i never stop pray for god giving me a way to searching for it. but i know there always gonna be a way for me to get through it and i just wish i can early get. but i know those wish,hope soon will be answer by it. a DREAM never really let go i still holding it up and  know i gonna achieved it some day b'cus i know i can as long god still let me achieved. hehehe:) and i hope can give a comfortable place for my family and i hope i can saving alot for my future,my family. it not easy job but i am trying for it. anyways. i really hope my dream did come true for it and i know god always will watching me. hehehehe:) God Bless! 

HAPPY SWEET 22 Alice! u can do it and life still have a beautiful journey that you need to explore more! Gambateh! ^_^ 

HAPPY SWEET 22 TO ME....2012

Monday, 14 May 2012

Happy Mother's day!

Yayyyyy!!! it about to having another fun day with BBQ time!!! omg! i think it been a awhile haven't BBQ actually since we been moving. so it our very first time BBQ together with family very simple and super simple as celebrate our mother day's and it sooo damn crazy as we really haven't though to having a BBQ so basically everything's was in rush and i can said that everything was perfectly awesome with our simple plan and yesssssss! never ever forget to buy CAKE N Gift in this wonderful MOTHER'S DAY sooooo everyone was sooo happy and excited! hihihi i can said that our very first BBQ with all the member in the house and the foood was aweosme and sooo damn Yummy!!! yum..yum.. hehehe n we did having a great time to each other. :))))))))) so really having a blast day ever with family! :P and we surprise again our mother day with a simple gift Wallet and honestly it very expensive but i glad n thank to those discount time i get alot of discount for this expensive wallet. huh! hahaha:) but we glad that our mom really love the gift as she also beeeen haunted some wallet lately soooo yeah! we get her a new one. huhuhuhu:) anyways, the night went soo fast and feel like that how precious time we have so we have to appreciate every minute we have wherever we are as we never know what will waiting us for the next day. sooo HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY TO ALL THE MOTHER'S IN THE World AND HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY TO MY MOM! YOU KNOW we always glad that you give what you beeeeen treasure everything for us. god bless*amen*

*Sorrry guys can't share many those picture here as it a private/personal. specialy my family photo. sorry guys. *

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Green,music + Jay Park Fans Meeting

There we goooooooo...! :)
The music start and we going super high in deep of the soooooooongs! yay! 

Soooooooooooooooooooo that my very weekends day which is super high and blas day! :) and there a hugeeeeeeee Fans Meeting WITH ....!!!! YES!! you hear  meeeeee it's JAY PARK the one of the FAMOUS korea artist at KOREA and previously Former member was in team with 2PM. OMG!!..OMG! HE WAS DAMN HOT THAT NIGHT N seriously he was really a good dancer, singer and hotttt man! well..I'm a  fans to he but not big as my little sister as she reallly Fans crazy to JAY PARK. hahaha:P honestly...we didn't purchase ticket for this as we dint have time for buy the ticket so we just go there and watching form far the event but there was a kind person and give us a free ticket and we was like awwww! this is just great and bless! and we able watch ohwell....although it kinda still far but YES!!! atleast we still can clear seee JAY PARK!!! hehehe:) it really a bless day and there many fans around and it was soooo croweded that night! :) the time he start dance around, sings OMG! we just can get enough from jay park and the light was damn crazy feeel like in the big live concert Jay Park. huahahhaa:) Great music, great night, nice people, and Jay Park! :) <3<3

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Hello May 2012.

hoot. there a stories about this adorable Pen! hihihihi ^.^
So while i was sitting at the corner of McDonald alone, there a girl there come to me and sit and explain that she is a student from Philippine student and taking a course Bachelor of science education. n they doing a donation for their course fee or education fund which they selling this super cuteee pen with inside pack with super cute calender so i decide to buy and do some donate for it. well..for me...i think help people really make me feels that at least this is the sometimes i do even it small but for they n me it mean alot as it not easy to go every seat and ask for a donate so i really proud of them and i think their did a amazing job. so hope them sell many of this pen and ALL THE BEST FOR THEIR STUDY. God bless! :) 

Whatsup!!! how everyone doing lately..?let me guess...sure everyone did doing well right? huhuhuhuuu...just wanna wish everyone HAPPY MAY 2012 yes....! time did flies like wind and just in minute we in may now. can you really feel it may now. yes i am and you better believe it! Grrrr....honestly i really dunno want time flies this fast like seriously! cus i think as time flies soo fast i think i really need to rush everything and make a quick decision! damn! it really suck. but we never can turn back the time right? so we just gonna move like time flies. may really is the half of the year now and we have a another 7 month more to go with 2013 OMG!!OMG!! arghhhh! i really dunno how to go with this year omg! seriously i neeed to work harder now. as 7month could be 1 month tooo as time flies like you never knew what the day is. Grrrrrrrrr! 

anyway, hope you guys did enjoy the month and hope this month bring more luck, love and hope, wish to US! hehehehehe:) well..well..there many things i wanna talk and share with you guys but i will do it post by post soon. so stay tune with meee! hihiihi:P anyways have a great day ^>^ love yea!

Thursday, 3 May 2012

My Random day.


ohyeah! wanna show how i decorate my room with those picture which is all my memories that i been in my college life.

As you can see, this is the playground near my house. hehehe:)

Huhuhuhu...just wanna post things i would like to show to you guys about my life and just my daily life. hehehe:) and most of those picture is take at my room and also at snap some at playground place with my younger sister. :)Hope you guys enjoy it :) have a nice weekends everyone! <3<3

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