Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Hello May 2012.

hoot. there a stories about this adorable Pen! hihihihi ^.^
So while i was sitting at the corner of McDonald alone, there a girl there come to me and sit and explain that she is a student from Philippine student and taking a course Bachelor of science education. n they doing a donation for their course fee or education fund which they selling this super cuteee pen with inside pack with super cute calender so i decide to buy and do some donate for it. well..for me...i think help people really make me feels that at least this is the sometimes i do even it small but for they n me it mean alot as it not easy to go every seat and ask for a donate so i really proud of them and i think their did a amazing job. so hope them sell many of this pen and ALL THE BEST FOR THEIR STUDY. God bless! :) 

Whatsup!!! how everyone doing lately..?let me guess...sure everyone did doing well right? huhuhuhuuu...just wanna wish everyone HAPPY MAY 2012 yes....! time did flies like wind and just in minute we in may now. can you really feel it may now. yes i am and you better believe it! Grrrr....honestly i really dunno want time flies this fast like seriously! cus i think as time flies soo fast i think i really need to rush everything and make a quick decision! damn! it really suck. but we never can turn back the time right? so we just gonna move like time flies. may really is the half of the year now and we have a another 7 month more to go with 2013 OMG!!OMG!! arghhhh! i really dunno how to go with this year omg! seriously i neeed to work harder now. as 7month could be 1 month tooo as time flies like you never knew what the day is. Grrrrrrrrr! 

anyway, hope you guys did enjoy the month and hope this month bring more luck, love and hope, wish to US! hehehehehe:) well..well..there many things i wanna talk and share with you guys but i will do it post by post soon. so stay tune with meee! hihiihi:P anyways have a great day ^>^ love yea!


  1. love the arm candy! the blue one is my favorite =)

    1. thanks yea:) one of my favorite too! :)

  2. Lovely bracelets!
    Enjoy the weekend!
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