Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Trying to cool down everythings.

So that many on going right now. which is i really getting nervous right now. and hell yeah! i dunno  getting how to handle this matters. it getting through my head and i feel like wanna boom my head right now. hahahaha:P but honestly, the level of my things right now really getting me ache day by day and i just never though this will took my time to response for those issues. Grrrrr.! but i just dunno want to complain much for have alot though about it. and i just a human being and Yess...i doooo can't get all of in under control so i definitely rush to make things better then. As time goes by the much i really think about everything, take a risk really took half of my life time right now and guess what here i am with this risky and see what it done to me. i'm speechless with it. Dealing with this kind of situation totally make me awkward for time to time. it totally beyond far from what i expected to be and imma trying to cool down everything right now so i wont in depressed moood. but still alot of Haix....haix....haix..... :((   so i just gonna act everything cool and kept smile for whatever happen from now. i just gonna let god do it and i kept my faith for it. *fingercrossed*