Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Différente Moi/Different Me


 Soo here my latest shoot myself.! haha:D I feel like i not that addicted with it anymore like before but in somehow i did miss toooo self taking picture well..that the girls always done right wherever you go still gonna take some photo self. I dunno why but i think it a MUST things need to do when you with camera or you phone soo i not exceptional too when come to things like this. huahaha:P but i do get super SHY or embarrassed taking my own self picture and wherever i did it i feel people watch me like i a super weirdest person with my hands gesture like peace or trying look cute, soo i feeel soo uncomfortable and Shy! Grrr..! but when i at my house or my rooom welll it time to BOOOOM my self cus i can be a very Different person with many way gesture when come to self taking picture. Kakakkakaka:P Just like you see those picture above! *Ish.....ish...* **

Anyways, i hope you guys did have a great weekdays on this month and once again i never stop saying this but HELL yea Time flies like super duper FAST now and now was JUNE 2012 still left a few month to 2013 soooo been feeling much tense about this year and once again kept pray, wish , hope dream come true of my wish. *fingercrossed* and 
my mom going back her town this Friday in Indonesia for 3 weeks (not sure yet) she went there to visit my grandma n grandfather so i hope that my mom will have a safety arrived there and hope my family,cousin and my grandma n grandfather doing good although i never seee them for along time alreeady but i believe time will brought us to meet again n i promise to make alot money so that i can go visit you guys. Amen.! * till my mom went there i gonna do those housework now and i really don't like too coooook as i really bad at it Grrrrrr.! better improve my cooooking skill now. Ohgosh! but i will try my best for it! :)

So guys hopeee everything went good for me this month and till then still kept my fingercrossed for my future. :)
and stay in good healthy guys! :) have a nice day. ^.^


  1. You look gorgeous!

    I always make wierd hand gestures too dont worry!

    Hope your mum got to Indonesia safely :)

    Love, Elizabeth xx


    1. Awww! thank you. well...we in the same boat then. haha:P but i know mostly people did it soo yeah. huhahahahha:D my mom has safety arrived at hometown now. thank you ^^

  2. Awee cute! I feel like lately I've ben so lazy with camwhoring too :/ Bon voyage to your mom!

    1. haha:D thank you! :) have a nice day.

  3. you look so amazingly pretty in these photos.. stunning in fact! your eyes are so mesmerizing!

    1. Awww! thank you my big sistar! that just a magic of make up. Lol. haha:D

  4. i like your makeup :) looks very polished yet natural looking. ouu indonesia~ i went there on vacation once, very lovely place with delicious food hehe. im the same with the camera.. it feels awkward self-caming in public, but hey we buy cameras to take and capture moments right? might as well :P keep in touch <3


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  6. Heehee, I definitely understand where you're coming from! It's awkward when people see me taking my own photos, but you gotta do what you gotta do as a blogger! :)