Friday, 15 June 2012


Live. Yes.! i been thinking in many different way to make this word alive now. I didn't wish anything for I still big dreamer. I been really lazy for updated and write here but somehow i still need to do this as it just too crazy to kept inside for looong time still have to find a place to story with sooo here Blogging really help me alot went through my life Lol. How should i begin mystory this lately well..for the past 3 week lazy too updated my blogs and really lazy to write and thinking! Grrr!  i hate myself being like things staying with just nothing! Arrrrrgh!

A things of live now. soo i abit confused with the situation right now which make me feel and thinking for thousand time to get over it. i just wanna write here and get it much better for now i been soo into. A few days ago, i ride a public bus for the first time after been awhile haven't ride bus actually cus since my lil sister drive me so i been quite lazy to ride bus now. hahaha:P but honestly i really love to ride bus but there a certain time only. hihihi but i just realize a things about ride a bus actually, i feel in somewhat it inspire of my life..? LOl. it sound like HAR..!!!!! but sometimes i can't describe n how word can put it on but it definitely sometimes i can get inspire by people, how they ride a bus with ton of things carry by them, a couple with holding hands, a wife/husband with thy super cute baby girl/boy, a young teenagers just back from school, a family with their grandma/grandfather and someone like me. haha:D but honestly, that what everyone living in for. but this all matter things really moved me in many aspect of life, there just no reason but it just somethings really naturally moved me by it. I dunno when this feeling come to my mind but i wanna be a MOTHER. yESS!YOU HEAR ME..! it something i can really being honestly to my heart but i know A MOTHER this word really a tough task actually but i think wherever you became a mother someday it a word you can't describe how wonderful was it happen. it a happiness to yourself. AND wherever i saw a mother carry they baby around and feed them i always feel amazed by it and it was wonderful moments. it just somethings that not everyone can have it as you wish. i can feel the motherhood inside my self and i never talk this before but i really would like to be a mother someday n  i sure all the woman in this world have a same thought as me. but it a tough work but i think it was a bless by god. i feels soo much happy and bless seeing those baby and watching them growing up in you hands it just feels awesome!  And Last few day ago, while i was seating in the bus and put my earphone with Birdy-Without A Word. *(it was really great soong<3<3) and it was heavy raining strong winddy and i saw a group of young kids with barefoot and them was jump n dance with happy smile and laugh and holding a hands togetheer and just dance around. Awww..i feel like back to my young age memories and seeing them really make me miss my young age day and seeing myself now 22 year old really time files like this and this show me how time does change our life and we just kept in the process growing up till the old of us.

This year does make me feel open about a STAGE OF MATURE LIVE, it just process of feeling n mind to feel how this process change my way of thinking of being mature someday. specially i been sooo into of MARRIAGE drama now. OMG! you have noo idea how many drama i been watching of marriage life and it make me think alot of marriage life. i used to hate talk about this issues as it can be very sensitive issue. but i did learn many things about this marriage life although i not yet married but who know in future i might use this all on the day i have my own family. hahahaha:D BUT This matter i just let it to god when the time come i sure the right moment will show out for me *fingercrossed* but i need admit that i really get a feeling of wanna have my own family,kids as soon as possible and this really courage me alot exspecially on this bloggers which make me always have a interesting toward a marriage life because seeing those people write they story of life marriage n  reading them story of they daily life really make me thinking about life of marriage. so i think i in the stage where you think to have you own family,kids and live a happy life n a new life with someone. and i have that change or opportunity i will really grateful and thank you god for everything you done for me. from now i just wish,pray and hope i have a good healthy and good life.! hehehehe:) so i think i in the stage to shape things in my life now and next year I 23 years old SOOOO it a mature living way now. sooooo Gambateh Alice! U can do it! :)

Have a great day people! :) Begin my day with a great smile and LET goooooo ALICE! ^.^

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