Sunday, 22 July 2012

Fishing Day, Beach day.

 OOh...I Back.! 
Let me begin my story noooow! Enjoy the picture here:
Yayyyyyy...! :P 
Fishiiiiing~~~~!!!!! @#$%^&*()

Oh yes! I captch the 4 dimensi of tree view skyyyy. Nice! :)

That our high tea time at beach. hihihi:) n Mom cook US a very delicious fried banana or *Pisang Goreng* :)
This is our motorbike that we brig together and we ride it on the beach. it COOOOL. ! :)

"  Time never turn back, never stop for us, but we did have to little bit turn back abit and stop abit for enjoy what really matters in our life. Choice always in our hands but in can be different ending. I chooice to to be life this n are you.?  " Life is short but we can make alot memoirs with this short time. :)

Catching those beautiful moments with the love one definitely was a amazing experience and loving day with them. It's somethings we can't buy with money n time actually. it just happen on the moments you are. Hang out with you family definitely a best medicine to be healthy! everything was soo great n nice. n the view of the SUNSET there nothing can describe how AWESOME and beautiful scene ever! it just a nice day for all of Us! :) it really been awhile since we gathering together and went on trips to BEACH. bt I must said that my dad was really good in finding a place to go Especially in this beach. cus not soo much people know this place since it still under progress. i guess so. 
since i saw there a construction going on. so we were really lucky staying at this beach and watching the Sunset and FISHING. hehehehe:) The most harder part about this trips, it was really long trips to figure out the Road since the road still not been make yet cus it still  under process so we have to drive very careful and it was up n hill road. soo it was really long road for Us sitting in the car. hahahaha:D But we really having so much fun and a great day ever! :)

Saturday, 7 July 2012

A Faster July 2012.

Holllla~~~~Soooooooooooo Yupsss! time is spread a wingsss toooo fly now. OHgosh! this is killing me softly now. do you know that time flies like sooo fast like super duper fast now. day by day time flies like " OOOPS it's JULY noooow....!? i though i still in june somewhere. "  so having a day with this feeling really scared me out cus with those time we can do alot things in our life. but seeing the calender day by day i just gonna admit that i should be more n more n more getting along with the time now.  it really freaking me out! :( as you guys see this few month i been less on my blogs and it hell yeah cus seriously i having such a weird mood cus when i was in moood write somethings on blogs but it turn out everything was soo blank it been happen for a few time now and honestly i been give myself way to figure out how to handle my life now. but it turn out with now situation have change abit i feel i in somewhere that i shouldn't belong too. I dunno maybe i abit sensitive with current situation but i sure everything will fine.(*just give a better comfort for myself**)  Soo story abit about my current life,  Life beeen quite busy, stress and finding a job. My mom stil at hometown now(indonesia) and dunno when she gonna back but for sure she will staying there for a quite sometimes actually cus my grandpa was sick and have alot things to settle out since it been year haven back there so i guess she will stay abit longer there. meanwhile me have take care the house, cook for my little brother n sister for now till my mom back home. hrmmm... it really tiring job actually now i know why mom was always complain about this n that things because she feel tired too cus mother really does handle n do many things in house soo now i know my mom feels. hahahaha:D  it can be really soo stress too sometimes actually. hihihihi:) sooo to all the woman,ladies,girls that will get married someday please be prepared and being a mother is not easy job and ofcourse it actually a best things ever happen n your life. :) still in pending which is i stilll look for a job now so that is what really stress me out actually Been trying so many times but dunNo what is wrong actually. so for this i just gonna let for god if things meant to be than it will. so fingercrossed for it. Amen. hope soon it wil happen. hehehe:) 

Anyways, i hope you guys enjoy the moment of July now and hope everyone stay in healthy n everything going smoothly and to my family hope everything was great, stay in good healthy, wherever was it hope everything was fine and god bless.  and to my grandpa get well soon granDpa. LOVE YOU! <3<3