Sunday, 23 September 2012

Hello my September 2012 + Vacation week!

 Finally, a picture of mine. :)  This at Sandakan Temple with have a amazing view here. if you did come Sandakan, Must come here^^

One of the famous place to eat whne you come to Tawau! This where all the tourist will come to haunting famous Food! the food here really sold out FASSST! seriously! :)

We are at Kundasang-Ranau area which is one of the best place n attraction place to all the tourist come here. it a main place for tourist come here when you are at Kota Kinabalu, sabah. :)

This, i dunno what it call but along the road here, it been painting like this, maybe we can call it "Art" haha:D but it look nice hehe:) 

This attract me, it soo tall jsut beside the road. i wonder how can the people  do the road here without cutting down this tall tree. Hrmmm.....

Ohyeah, after long drive, we finally arrived at Telupid town which is very small twon but it really have a great view n ofcourse greeeeen tropical treee here. This is where my dad working place. it really hot crazy here. Huh! 

A fresh water from somewhere in the jungle, i guess as the water was cold n fresh . :) 
enjoying time back to childhood. Memories! :) 


Omg! seriously it SEPTMEBER now~! can you actually believe it? Noooooo! I was still in late August noooow! Grrrrrrrrr! Okaaaaayy! i have  alot story need to write on this and it was freaking great ESCAPE ever! for whole family! hehehe:) Sorry for lack updated hereeee :(  been really out of my mind lately with things going on on my head


Hi guys, i soooo sooorry for lessss at here n updated here. :( Life been really somehow Busy..busy...busy..) haha:D n kinda getting lazy to blogging something cus i was really not in mood for two month ago. well, it really something bothering me sooo much that i dunno what to do and how to react. Soo yups! in the mean time, still process mine haunting job so life been really hard for me to said anything and kept a fingercrossed for everything's. so let hope everything Better now! :) Peace yoyyy! ^_^

As you guys know that, on this month there a school holiday for a week which mean, It HOLIDAY Vacation! we decide to take a round trips for this 1week school holiday with a long drive through babe! so we really Excited about it! :) in the early morning start our packing bags with alot of stuff specially Junk food, drink and ofcourse Camera! hehehehehe:P Depart from our house to kundasang-Ranau, Telupid, Lahah Datu, Sandakan and Tawau! you can imagine how pain our Ass sitting in the car for Hours. it really Tired n soooooooooooo crazyyyy cramp! huahahhahaha:D as the weather well, this 1 week trips weather been goood to us too. thank you god!
Must said that i super enjoy this kind of trips cus it was a great experience life time especially with my family and also seeing such a Amazing scene that i will never have a chance to see it again. so i really feel bless and thank you god for such amazing, beautiful creation of this wonderful scene. One thing that i impress about this 1 week trips, i learning to more appreciated about culture, life and also family. n most important that as for myself i learning that i should be more Optimistic about life cus i know not everyone have a chance to living like others so i feel bless for everything i have now. Ooooh well, SOMETIMES i did complain alot about life this n that but i still happy with what i have now. something it's can be soo upset but it okay i still can handle it. hehe:)too much on my head going right now sooooooooooo gonna left it aside first. hehe:)

well, as you guys know that i went on road trips for a weeeks. by car, YESSS! u hear me. we travel by car for whole time for each place we stop. it freaking crazy but honestly it FREAKING damn enjoy! specially with you whole family. it best memories ever. searching those old time memories when you parents used to live and growing up. it really awesome! :P and explore a new place, people, foood! it really AWESOME, GOOD, GREAT, LOVELY! this feeling was more than i can imagine n thank you god for blessing us through this trips, and we really enjoy those place, moments that you give us. no matter in rainy, hot day, morning, noon, night time. we really feel bless. i guess, live n staying in Sabah, Almost i did goo all around place in Sabah, besides two more city like keningau,Semporna.* * Hey...ya...i did.. so thanks to my dad for willing take us all to going this long trips and sure gonna miss those moments. :) Honestly it not easy people! haha:D

Depart from our house to Telupid is taking about 3/2-4 hours drive so it really long drive too but i enjoy all the scene along the road. since we depart at Noon time so we arrived quite late if i not mistaken it around 4pm something. so we been staying at Telupid for 2-3hours since my dad got things to do at there before we  Actually we decide to stay overnight at Telupid but since my dad done he work early then we decide to go to Sandakan stay overnight. nothing much can do at Telupid but you see how those local people living at there and it very traditional as well. n i think it still in develop process to build up so just gonna wait n see in this coming years, definitely have some change. but still very nice place n feel like a Hometown. So we start the engine and drive to Sandakan at around 6 something pm to sandakan which is take about 2-3horus drive also and i think it less car on the road so we did manage arrived early than we expect. arrived at sandakan around 8:30pm and we check in hotel which is very ncie,comfortable and easy to acces to nearby market. n it very cheap as well. after we done our check in to hotel we direct go for dinner at the most awesome place to eat. I sure all all of you did know a little about SANDAKAN CITY well, speak about sandakan, it most FAMOUS place at Sabah, not only for Foods, Place but also it one of the main attraction place that every tourist come here to visit specially Eco-tourism Orang Utan, Probocis Monkey,crocodile farm, Gomantong Cave, Kinabatangan River, and soo on. Guys do check it here, so many place to offer for you to see when you come to Sandakan traveling.   so free to visit this website/link for you more information.  after 2day staying at Sandakan we direct went to Tawau for another 1day overnight at there and guess what it most memorable day for us to remember as it our dad hometown!! it really a nice place n beautiful. and dad did tell us many stories about how he growing up with his brother, where they living, the place that he always play around and so on. and we also went to the place that our dad used to live when he was a kid. i feel such a honor and blessing cus it really so touching moment for me that can see, feel my dad life here. there's no word can describe how grateful i am still have this chance to know about everything my dad life here. N the food here definitely like heaven you know! everything was great and let me tell you something really fun about Sandakan n Tawau ( )Town in every Morning at every shop you will always have to line up to get a sit cus you see there so many people inside eating breakfast n of things for sure is many older people like grandmother, grandfather having their breakfast and chit chat . Even us have to wait around 20-30 minutes to get a order actually so many people and they always come with a big family. that a great things that i really discovers about this two beautiful places. and not to forgot to mention that the FOODS here was awesome, great! So do TRY it when you get there!! :)  Argh...When at night time, you shouldn't worried to go where to get or having dinner as there many RESTAURANT that can offer ton of Fresh food like, Seafood one of the main DISHES and ofcourse they are famous for and other dishes like local foods, homemade noodles and so on. On the next morning, we start to packing our things to check out n continue our journey back to Lahad Datu ( ) as my dad have to done he things at there before we back to kk. we arrived at there around 6 or 7pm and we staying at there for 2day. and we took this 2day to rest our brain, legs, and body cus those 5 day trips was not easy to get comfortable have to kept it really tired. i glad we have a two days rest before head back to kk which take about 4-5,6 hours drive back. we get some time watching DVD home video, playing around and enjoy some green tress which is surrounded by  palm oil tree. huahahahahaha:D i will show a picture of it. and most amazing me is We actually living in the CONTAINER where my dad stay when he got work at here. Yessss! it a MILLIONS experience that i will never get a chance in my life again so i feel bless n great! living in container actually not bad at all. it make all of us to appreciated more each other and feels grateful for everything we have now. ohya, we actually from lahad datu there a way that can connect to Kinabatangan which is we have to take a 30 minute ferry to arrived to another road that cut about 2 hours from our drive back kk actually. haha:D but to reach the river of kinabatangan we have travel about 1.5 hours to reach the river and honestly it was a great experience taht i can have this sweet memories with my family and ofcourse feels like we back to the 90era seeing how people living at there. n i was so damn lucky saw a few of Probocics  Monkey on the road n the tree along the river. was good that time so i think the monkey feel good to come to see human or tourist! haha:D ohya...for you guys information kinabatangan was actually one of the MAIN attraction place for tourist to visit here as here you can see how our very natural wild life here the link of the place , so guys, free to visit..!  And finally, we are heading back to KK and yessssss! feel good to be home but sure gonna miss this trips the most in my life. Reaching home definitly like heaven after those week trips drive, i find this another way to get more close to you family, siblings and it became stronger than before, understanding each other more. so it a AWESOME trips! :) 

*Sooooorrry guys, It's a long story but i try as i can to cut it down. haha:D , hope you guys dont mind with it. *


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