Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Hello My November and December 2012.







Awwwwwww! sooooory guys! been away form Blogs Life quite awhile now! ohgod! i feel soooo damn suck! Grrrr! this few month, life been up and down and Crazzzyyy! but i not gonna lie that i quite lazy too sometimes to blog. hahahaha:D  Many stories have to told you guys and ofcourse, i will try my best to make it shorrrrrrrt :)

First, Say "hellllllllllo, i get a job" !!!  hahahhahha:D that one of the most important things that i should told you guys here, well, it quite a few month since i work here, working as a sales department and i working in one of the most famous and knowing shopping mall management in this town and own by Taiwan people. Actually, it quite fun and enjoy, i learning many things here, how to communicate with people, meet new friends and many. and all the staff here very friendly, nice, kind and sweeeet . a new experience ever. since it's a taiwan company, most of the time speaking Chinese as you guys now, my Chinese is very bad, seriously, i can;t even read or write Chinese character! only the easy one. haha:D  but now, i think i did improve alot. soooo yeah, have to study hard for it and Gambateh! :)

so i just gonna update my two month actives here,  well, November was the busy month for me, studying my job and do alot of research and trying to remember every shop lot and office tower each floor, it really challenges me but i am taking step by step to do it . fingercrossed for it. besides that, it a school holiday so, my siblings and my mom going to holiday at Tawau and sandakan visit our cousin and also attend the wedding. arghh, good for them! i always loooove to traveling especially by car, Wooow! it really awesome. :) if you guys never did it, i really recommend you to do it once. cus you gonna like! but sometime it really pain to sit too long if you drive for long distance. haha:D and not forgot to say, i diiiid spending some quality time with Nong and pom. we did having a deep conversation about their engagement date, wedding plan and also our daily life. well, it Girls gossip time! hihihi:Ptrying to catch up everything before end of year 2012. huahaha:D

well...well...i do believe you will feel soo excited about December 2012 cus it Christmas Time and Happy new year! :) being in Decemeber month not easy at all. cus it alot of tough mind and body to be in. cus December will be the month to decide everything you life which is your AGE! yes...yes..it really are! i guess everyone also feel the same!  In 2013 year, i will be 23 years old n this is somethings that definitely will happen and i can't stop the time kept moving but one things for sure, i will trying my best to live better and happy. arghhhh! still can't believe it time has really goo so fast.

sooo guys, Happy New Year 2013! :) always love you guys for support my blogs and for my dear followers, you guys awesome! :) Muaaaaaah 


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