Thursday, 14 February 2013

A Little February for you guys. :)

Hey..hey..heyyy! How are you people! I hope you guys doing well and have awesome year! i am sorrry for less on blogs lately and it's not good at all for me too since it beeeeen quite awhile haven't updated anythings here. :( Grrrrr.....Ever since i getting a job, my life beeen for! ohgosh, this is  not i planning on when i getting my job first, but dunno when it seem like this sooo it get getting lazy to updated here. but now i am trying to reduce everything so i will have some time for my blogs, my love life, my daily life, my family life, my friends  life as i a going to take change for everything i could do while time still here for me. haha:P cause time really flies so fast like there no time to breath at all. so taking the chance as much as can do it. 

so, here we with February which is the LOVE MONTH!! so, anyone to celebrate for this coming Valentine Day with someone special..? hehehe:) well, if yes, Hope you guys have a great day and have a lovely day with the someone you love. as for me, still in single life, well, so far life beeen good as a single even sometimes i do feel alone but i did get over it very fast sooo no worries! wuhahahaha:D Speak about my life now, been busy for work,but there somethings i do wanna talk about that i really do love my current job like it really teach me alot in many aspect that i never know and i really meet such a great person and kindness person in this world. i really feel bless and grateful for everything that them did and do for me. for me this kind of job really challenge me soo much but i am learning everything step by step soo i am fine with it.:) 

This year i will be 23 year old! Ooooooh NoooooOOOO, this freaking me out cus i not yet ready to turn 23 year old honestly, i feel like i getting old day by day now. well..there no turn back, just move forward for the every step that i should been there. soo yeah! Let's gooo Alice! you can do it and be sexxy, gorgeous,lovely,strong,happy and tough! that what 23 year old will come to you sooo BRAVE IT OUT! :) ♥♥♥♥♥


  1. Glad you're enjoying your job!

    Love, Elizabeth xx

  2. Happy Valentine's Day! hehe.. ako din single at walang ka date.. ka asar lang. kung kelan Love Month saka pa ako naging single : )

  3. Happy belated Valentine's Day! And don't worry that you'll turn 23 this year. I guess Asians have those genes, where they even look younger as they are. And you don't look old, hihi ~

    Keep bloggin'

  4. I love the print of your blouse!