Monday, 25 February 2013

Ruma Terbalik or Upside Down House Outing.

Helllo....! Here mine another post for you guyssssss...! :) 


Our very first Lunch at outside since i got my very first pay of this Year!! well, it worth babee as long everybody is happy with it. and Finally i done my one of the list to bring my family out for Luch. so thank god for this bless! :)

Hiii people! this what we call Siblings! OMG! we all really growing up soooooo Much! Like seriously, Time did Flies so fast! :)



 my another post! haha:P Finally huh post something hereeeee.! ohwell, today i gonna talk and speeeeeeeeeech about this FAMOUS Place in my hometown lately, well, it beeeen people talk actually sooo yeah, gonna do some review for you here, who know you guys might will come here to have a visitttt.  :) 

This was called "Rumah Terbalik" or in English we call it "Upside Down House"....Interesting huh! hehehehe:) currently the rank of this upside down house was five of the top of world. haha:D YESSS! YOU heard it! here the link . for me it really excited trips to went here with my family, well,, it's is another goood reason to be here again which is this my second time went here. it actually a very nice place to goo and visit with your family. on the day me and my family come here, there actually quite alot people there even though it heavy raining but still people just crowded. hehehe:) Especially the big family. Honestly there nothing you can actually do it just a relax and culture activity alll i can say but overall it still a quite interesting place to go. and they do offer an Restaurant and small cafe which is supeeeeer great and look simple and classic, and i really do love to spend my time there with those greeen environment. haha:D make me feels in other country. hohohohoho.

The best part of this place is, the place could offer you a different type of color of the place which is Morning, afternoon, evening, night , sunny day and Raining day. woooow! it really breaking scene ever man! when you capture it on your camera it definitely give your some Awesome scene and picture. it really turn out very niceeeee!


  1. Nice pics and I have newer see house like that. Have a nice day.

  2. oh, so u stay in sabah is it? sabah is a niceee place!

  3. when me back mau minta belanja la nie..hahaha..