Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Feel the black.


It's beeen quite sometimes since my last post about outfit hereee! haha:P another from me "Feel The Black" is the theme and my favorite color! I wear something simple, easy and casual definitely my day too feel the black at this moment! Black has this kind of feel that give your feel comfortable and feel safe and feel good on it and feel sexy on it. sooo are you of Fans of "BLACK"  color. hrmm...

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

A moment to remember in lifetime.

with my most important role in my life. here you go, my mom.well,we really not look like daughter and mother right. many people say that we not look alike. hahaha:D

How can you ever forgot something like this, it just too wonderful. Memories does remain for forever. 

Mom, you always a wonderful woman, as a daughter, i do appreciative everything you give to us and teach us. it not easy to raise five of us but you actually did it by your own. you give us such a great inspiration in our life. 

Me, mom and my younger brother. Peace yo! 
The 3 of us. 
The 3 of them. (siblings) 
Family photooooo time :) 
We share a different styles but we still siblings! hahaha:P 
I can be super crazy when it come tooooo enjoy my day and being a me with my family! :P 
Siblings timeeeeee! Peace yoo! 
here another for yourrrrr! 

Here a snap for the time i beeen missing on blogs, so i just gonna random updated some picture. woohoo! i been really treasure my time with them on weekends now. it kind my routine day now. huahhahaa:D but don't you agree that  Picture does play a big part of our life when we getting old someday.I wonder if we could ever done all this when we older...?


Monday, 8 April 2013

Welcome my March and April 2013.

Woohoooo! What the heeeeellll! i beeen missing for  a few month now on this blog.! that crazy! sorry guys! Life been hell busy now and too much going on now. huhuhu

Let's begin my story of March , well, March been pretty Rock and Roll actually, Work still the same and everything was great and the bad news is i might leave my job and back to hometown for my grandpa funeral preparation in between a month or 2 month so it gonna be a tough decision to make but this is something that i should do for myself. and i am in prepare myself to go for it and i dunno what gonna happen when i leaving my job and became a jobless another more. it scared me but i feel so strong inside my heat that it gonna be okay, just trust how it go. there never a guarantee way and decision right? i believe god will show me how everything work.

i am proud with myself now, finally, i did all those things that i always wanna do for myself, family and friend. so i really glad and feel grateful to you god, you been always my such a precious treasure that i could ever have in my life. bring my whole family to nice place dinner, movie time with my family, hangout with them. it feel great and awesome! :) i feel good! and the most things i wanna achieved it would be my dream and buying a house since property now price was getting high and high (pricy). so have to saviiing alot for it. i been thinking to buy a car and go take a license car but with my current situation it's hard to make a living with payment that i have so it's hard to cover everything's. so i gonna put aside first and see how it going in future.i been looking for better opportunity but it not easy to look for the better one, and something it like a trauma for me to kept push myself till the very limited space, but i have to do it for myself and the responsibilities i have now. it crazy hard but that how life goes when you in this situation. well, i am hope that i doing well for it and be tough and strong. seeing this month, make me realize that, time actually really goes so fast and i wish it can stop for a little while but i know there no such things, seeing my little sister's and brother's, they actually growing up so well and study hard, but my biggest dream for them is being study hard till university and have a great career and success in their life. i can't ask more but they the only one i have in this world.

As for April, ofcourse! i never stop to pray and wish for better month and lucky month for me, it always be aso is still the same, but i just got a news, that my dad going to sell he car that been always for him and it been more than 20 years now he been using that car, i feel so sad and upset that i couldn't do anything for it. this might be a good choice or bad choice but everything have to move on with and nothing gonna stay forever till the end. i really hope that we have other option beside to sell the car. i know he will sad the most since the car beeen there for him whole life now. it like he own son but what to do, he have to do it for our family financially. i dunno how my dad going to survive without he car. we really love that car soo much since it beeeen there for us and protect us and give us a safe ride whenever we go. God always a better plan for it. bt i getting lost with that trust cus i really trying to think positive but that the only choice we have, just trust and god will show it for a better way.  i been reallly looking forward what gonna happen and i really hope it will my favorite month! and may all the goood things happen all the time here! :) Seriously! i neeed it. *fingercrossed*  Amen. :)

" Hope the bright side will begin in soon. Waiting the moment to be"