Monday, 13 May 2013

Today was Yellow + What going on.


YELLOW never been my favorite color before but now yes! i am addicted with this color and believe me this is my first time wearing a yellow and yooohoooo i love my new look with this color...i feel the summer is just around the corner now. and WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE COLOR NOW..? :) 

At the age of 23, does give me lot of pressure and a huge pressure to understand what has going on in my life. Everything was hard and it getting harder day by day. Fuyyyyyy! sometimes i really sick and tired of life kept chasing me like this..but that how life goes right. am we have choice, it has to depend what kind of choice are you looking for. i do hate to grow up now cus it like a different whole world for as when we just a kids, we been living like the sweetnessss world ever! 

Life as a woman now is really hard and especially hard is when you are the one who responsibilities for everything's. and here i am now, it not a big deal but as the older one, i definitely feels heavy inside and there no words can describe how i feel. but i think is what we all always call "FAITH" right. i can't run from what it already meant to be cus no matter how Fast, how great, how powerful, how strong, still the word of FAITH no one can fight cus it something that been DESTINY. i not saying i a great person but i do can tell the world i am proud of myself sooo much that i can have this such a AMAZING BRAIN ever! cus my brain been really work so much amazing and it does give me alot of support and feel calm cus without my this amazing brain i won't have this strong and positive.  so i does feel grateful and thank you for make me such a mature grown up girl in such a young age and i hope i wont became someone that looook WORST in everyone eyes.

"Live well when you still got the world stand together with, cus it will let you see the life what we should see"