Saturday, 29 June 2013

Dot that Spring Color.


Holla my lovely and greatest Blogger here.! how everyone doing? hope everyone is doing awesome and great and be health people! :) after a few month struggling to update my blogs here it because work been really hectic and damn tired! i mean i am getting old soo body is not react very good now. hahaha:D Just turning 23 but feeling old already! haha:P 

Yes, back with the brand new me, which is i just cut my hair and back with new age!:) changing is getting big and here i am with a big number ahead year by year now.
 Every season are waiting the turn to became and the feeling i have now, "FREEDOM" yups,  free, styles, sexy,lovely, love, wonderful, life, strong, gorgeous gonna stay tight in my arm now.  this time i put the very special photo..haha:d it's me in many way photo i pose. huahahaha:D and feels the spring and i feel bright and sunshine! 
BTW, this my outfit of day. my favorite! :) spring with colorful and flowers!

I hope you guys have a wonderful day and stay sunshine and bright! :) Kept smile ^___^

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Hello with Black and White.

 Hello...Hello my lovely blogger! I miss you guys! how everyone doing? well..i hope everything is great and good and nice day! :) as me, well...there's many post still pending here soo yups gonna look for time to post it on blog! :)
 Life been really roller coaster lately but still manage to hold it tight sooooo gonna work hard and pray hard. hehehe:) and the funny one is i bought a book last two month and guess what still lie on my bed not even one page i read it. omg! that is just not me. it been 2 month man! i think i really should re-arrange my times for everything. i guess time goes beyond fast now like seriously, i can't even believe that it June 2013 now! like SERIOUSLY....?! this is just like a huge alarm in my life that i need to and should move very fast and fast and FAST! cus TIME wont stand beside and wait me , i mean if that really happen then i will be the happy and happppppy girl int his earth right! hahahahhahaha:D such a Dream! huh..! 
i been really into Music lately and i been really thinking to buy a Guitar! Yess, that it cus i want it for quite a long time already but i always miss that chance to buy. hihi since now i working and i pretty have some saving for it since guitar is really Expensive now sooo yeah gonna really work on it and Saviiiing! haha:D i can do it and i will get it! Waiiiit me Guitar! i not good in guitar but i always admire those people can play it well and even can make a song with it so in 2013 i neeeeeed to buy it and learn it! and i hope that my future Prince of heart know how to play or just willing to learn just for me. huahahahaha:D that would be such a sweeeet, sweeet romantic for me. hihihi :)

so i see you guys sooon and please wait my other post here for the past few month happening in my life. soooo see you guys sooon! Much love from meeee! :) ♥♥♥♥