Saturday, 29 June 2013

Dot that Spring Color.


Holla my lovely and greatest Blogger here.! how everyone doing? hope everyone is doing awesome and great and be health people! :) after a few month struggling to update my blogs here it because work been really hectic and damn tired! i mean i am getting old soo body is not react very good now. hahaha:D Just turning 23 but feeling old already! haha:P 

Yes, back with the brand new me, which is i just cut my hair and back with new age!:) changing is getting big and here i am with a big number ahead year by year now.
 Every season are waiting the turn to became and the feeling i have now, "FREEDOM" yups,  free, styles, sexy,lovely, love, wonderful, life, strong, gorgeous gonna stay tight in my arm now.  this time i put the very special photo..haha:d it's me in many way photo i pose. huahahaha:D and feels the spring and i feel bright and sunshine! 
BTW, this my outfit of day. my favorite! :) spring with colorful and flowers!

I hope you guys have a wonderful day and stay sunshine and bright! :) Kept smile ^___^


  1. Nothing as beautiful as a classic red lip! You are a very stunning fashionista!!

    Lauren at adorn la femme

  2. Cool blouse! Happy belated bday =)

    1. awww! Thank you for the wish! :)

  3. Pretty blouse!

  4. wahaha you know i just noticed that our hair is identical now!!! very similar when mine is straight :p

    i lovee love this outfit of yours!! the floral and black skirt is very sexy on you!! and the red lips make it all the better! you look so striking with red lips!