Monday, 1 July 2013

Officialy 23 now.! :) 30.05.2013

!!! :) ready to spread my wings tooooo gooo!

Hello! welcome myself to age 23... yoohooo!
stay good, awesome, and smileeeeeeee! :) Peace yo! 

Every year, we all share something very same which is "Birthday" or we call it the day you come to this world. 

 I think this a great way to remind yourself how many times have left till we really became something bigger by day by and year by year. Just wanna take this wonderful day to said, Thank you to my Parents for bringing me to this world and i always and forever thank you for everything that you been giving me till this day. Raise a kids always not a easy job to do but my parents did it and i really thankful for that.

Feeling the age at 23 year old, is something really scaring number for me. I dunno why people always get excited to enter the world of being 23 but as for me ofcourse i do feel that excited but i been really worry so much about everything. rather than said sad, i think the situation that i having right now is the answer for myself for being worry about everything. sometimes it about time how to handle and settle between the time have stuck in life. Time arrived tooOOooo Fast, and i didn't have much time to catch out the time that running so fast, sometime i just watch it pass does get me trauma just watch the time flies so fast. i mean, i have soo much things that i haven't done it yet, i just want to do everything's as soon as i really can till i break the word we call Limited. But everything we do , always there call we just a human being and i do believe that and i know whatever we did we just gonna give the very..very best to survive and stay strong in this life. right.

so enter the world of being age 23 does something awesome, gorgeous, wonderfully so i just gonna stay and live it every meaning full to myself.  just being a such wonderful person to myself and stay the very strong of me and i know god always lean me to the right way and with the permission he give i sure i gonna do fine with myself. after what going on in my life, i come to accept things step by step now and believe me it really hard to admit what has going on but with trying to accept it does the best way to get over it. it took my long..long..long time to accept soo for myself it work on me. seeing myself now, i does come such a long..long way to being who i am now so i really proud of myself and here now i became WOMAN and i really look forward what going to happen in future and how everything's. It getting harder but life always that harder, the more you get into it the more harder you can be

Live it while you still see everything's, cus whatever the view you see now it would bring you to understand things that you never know. 

 Live happily Alice! you can do it! :)


  1. aww heart this!! happy 23rd birthday dear!! you look GORGEOUS!!

  2. Happy birthday c: You look very nice
    in that white dress! Xx

  3. i miss being 23 -- it was pretty awesome


  4. Happy birthday Darling! Getting older is always a bit stressful! I am turning 26 this summer, and I feel the same way: There is so much I haven't done yet!! But don't worry, as long as you live each day to the fullest and make sure that everything you do is a step towards where you want to be, then none of your time is wasted :). Happy 23rd birthday! I hope you have a wonderful year!