Monday, 15 July 2013

It's Matter.

yes, it about matter now. i been really upset about things going on right now in my life. it's very tough and challenges for me. it something i can't even question about it and i can't even make my own judgement but i do care all the whole process. at the beginning it just small and now it getting bigger and it been a fixed now. i mean, people do change in just a minute right..sometimes it change it don't even take a second either its a smart choice or not but it just "CHANGE".. that how easy people can be in life.
  i trying my best too give the best but it seem like whatever i did or do it always wrong and selfish in their eyes, but honestly, i really have no idea anymore how to do and handle it so do tell me how to do it don't just sit there yelling at me cus it just won't get things better and telling me that "i don't understand". so make me understand about it. it really stress me out like forever. i really wish that i don't care it too much but i just can't cus i still believe it and i really hope i can change it. it took me to realize that how people really change and change for somethings that shouldn't be and change for someone that you just met and make those decision how childish and stupid. 
 i did my best and this is how i can go for you and fight for you, but if you gonna stick to it what can i do more. i can't fight anymore cus it about to give up and it about to take and move on. even we stay in same house and grow up together but someday there will a day you get married and seing you became someone husband and became father. that all matter. but if i could hope you be, then i wish you never choice this way and take your time and make a good choice of your life. cus it always yours.   


  1. The way you explain thoughts is quite impressive.

  2. The way you explain thoughts is quite impressive.