Sunday, 14 July 2013

Welcome the July 2013.

Yoohooo! Yeah..yeah..put your hands up in the air and feel it. so, July just another month we gonna go through before August. So fast how it feel with time flies this fast? well...i guess, everyone does feel the same way tooo right. time is running too fast, so we are, have to catch the time to make sure things going well and make sure we didn't left too much behind.

I been really busy, as you read my lately post, it all about busy..busy..busy..Work getting big and stress it getting beyond strong for me but i think i still can manage it well. so work life still in very good timing for me. but i must so far i does enjoy and learning is always fun,adventure and one of process of growing up. and the most awesome about the place i work was the colleague there was soo nice, kind, and caring. this is the first time i meet such a lovely person. nowadays it really rare to meet a good people and people good to you. so it such a bless to knowing them. i always..always thankful for them kindness and i always will remember them in my life. their just another part of my story that i will always kept in my memories. i dunno how to put a word to say how much i really appreciate what their give to me and help me. it just something i will always grateful and thankful and it such a great experience and journey with their. their just such a good people.

Talk about my friends, well..honestly i doesn't have many weird cus i always the one who talk alot things, scream like crazy people at home but surprisely i doent have many friends. and even on my phone contact list just a few..few..few people. Hahaha:D Believe or not it is! i guess, i just weird and hard to approach by people..some of them just work far from city, busy handle family business, travelling to other country.. so i hardly meet them so we just meet when there a time is everyone is free. ..hrmm...i am spending my whole time with reading and listen to music and watching a dram/movie or reality story of people life on YouTube so that my life. haha:P and make it more clear, yes..i ma Single lady with such a weird personality, crazy and somewhere dunno where i really belong too. but it never really stress me out until recently i found out that wah! i been living my life without having someone and this kind of feeling it just "Rolling" and "Rolling" deep and looking a best space to make things great. some people just saying that, ooh..your such a "Weird" person, how come someone like you haven't have boyfriend and at this age..! it's unbelievable! haha:P i does laugh hard when i hear this and i dunno how to react to that questions but one things for sure is at this moment i feel comfortable and yeah this is my very BEST ZONE and SAFE ZONE. i still need to stay in safe zone cus i still not brave enough to make another step to take a big chance. maybe someday i will...oooh.....

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