Saturday, 31 August 2013

Hang out day in my month of August.

It been really awhile havne't really stay close with sea, here i really make me feel much better than anything i could ask. it just wash away all my worries. make me feel calm and peace....
Celebrate "Hari Raya Aidilfitri" at friends house (OPEN HOUSE) and spending time with my girls Josephine and Shufen at Upperstar Restaurant n meeting with Yawen before went to wawa Open house.

And another day went to dining iwth my friends which is it been really long time haven't see them and we all been busy with our own work, seeing everyone tonight is feeel great and awesome! i always miss how we used to hang out together every time when we just in college life. arghh! time flies do do we are, gotta moving fast to stay in this universe cus time wont even wait us.  Spending time with them while there was a live band as well, one of my favorite activity to doo and this is definitely my time to enjoy the people, dining and MUSICCC as weeell! :) oh life!

yups, it black and white day in this wonderful and busy month of August.  i think this is my very first day to outing on this month, cus be truly honest the work is like never ending at all and arghhh! i just speechless and yeah  it growing up process so yups. work do make me feel more acknowledge and being explore more

Thank you for everything and wish you good luck always :) month of uaguts pretty well  tough but it a good experience through ...Sometimes life is work in the way we could never expect, it can a little sweet world to you and it Can be a nightmare to you life. So I would say that life is full of surprises when you about to expect then it will come with unexpected situation. Huh! Life Is crazcrazy your.. it almost a year now I been working here, times flies so fast. there's many things i never experience before so being and to learning at here, it really mean so much to me. It a growing up proceed. 


  1. you look cute and I love the stripe shirt you have here!!

  2. aww love the pics with you and your girlfriends you look like you're having such a fun and happy time! you look so chic in that striped blouse!

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