Tuesday, 30 December 2014


Yes, it's 30.12.2014, in 24 hours we will celebrate #NewYear2015, wow! mixed feelings, feeling like can't believe that we/world/earth actually going to enter a new beginning again which is #2015, 

everyone is just overwhelmed with this 24 hours coming new year 2015. 

All the blogger is posting about coming year planning and as well the closing of 2014 in less 24 hours now, so i gonna do it too! :P 

1. Went to my mother hometown in Indonesia, come back on this early years 2014, definitely one of my precious moment.. meeting my first time Grandmother, uncle, auntie, cousin and relatives.. just amazing... check my post about thisJourney To Hometown "

2. I doing fine, i mean 50/50, as i been searching jobs now so i hoping a better option, career, future and as well better place to earn money too. *Fingercrossed* 

3. so far so good, Healthy is most what i fear, as my wishing is my mom, dad, little sister *brother always stay in very good healthy. as this year kinda lot bad news regarding healthy issues so pray for them always in good healthy. *especially, my grandma* 

4. I thankful with everything's happened on this year #2014, Up and Down i going this road i stilll thankful to god for giving a every single day living alive and comfort every happy and sorrow i have in my life now till today. i just can't stop thank you what he done for me. although i angry sometimes towards he but i know he will always beside me. 

5. #2014, definitely one of the years, we been really sad about, as we been shock by all the news of aviation, missing, shoot down..missing/crush.., blood war, thousand people killed through this war included kids, flooding worst where thousand people loss they house, and more etc..i pray for the best for every situation we went through.. may someday we all in this earth will living harmony, peace and LOVE

6. LOVE story, well.. uo to now, i still doing great by myself, and i just not rushing into my love life, so i just gonna leave it to god. if there someone for me then send it faster! haha 

7. so another year, my social network is getting bigger and crazyy! haha, i got Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Weibo, Tuding, Meipai, etc... oh god! so hard to manage yet soo funnn can get the inspire by everyone!! :) 

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so, how about you guys story of the year...

Long Way Down


Selfie after back from hangout with my friends! :) 

I have been lazy blogger now, i mean so much is going on in my life, chasing the dream, future, career, just almost everything's in my life i need the most. time is ticking and went so fast everything's is like you so moving fast now...so ofcourse the pressure is getting high man! 

So how you take this end of year celebration ?...i sure there many party going on, open house for the new year 2014, right.. well..as for me..still not sure but i guess we going to stay at homeee and waiting the times and see the firework...just the very time activities like we used to do. but of course i hope next year will celebrate in different ways.. just hope next year will better year and luck for me. Spending my moment last week of 2014, with my families and friends. it's fun night get to hangout with my friends, talk about everything's is going in our life as well hoping for next year #2015, so it very thoughtful n meaning night. it good to seem them again before end of year 2014. went home kinda late but i can;t fall sleep maybe tooo much of COLA as whole day i drink cola. hahaha 

" Lately, I've thinking soo much, as i gonna enter my coming age 25 years old, so much responsibility to take, so much thing's i have to figure out about my future plan. so i can;t deny there really a big burden for myself.. it's like i can't feel my body sometimes, cus mine brain start not working anymore and i feel empty and blank out. it's soo long way down for me..

Laying on my bed, thinking and count the day and figure out what i gonna do with my life. i need to find strength, motivation, determined,tough, stronger  for myself.. it been a month now, i sleepy late sometimes i spend hour, hour, hours in my bed thinking nothings 

and time was just pass and till morning, then i went to sleep.. 
that how i spend my daily life now... it such a wasted, 

when you brain is blank, you action is doubtful, your minds is nothing's, 
everything is not going on whatever you do. 
cus you living in UNIVERSE only you exits in it. 
and it called " OBLIVION " fall in your world.. 
it easy to forgive people cus you can but
when come to yourself, and myself, my life, my world

FORGIVE is die for me cus i waste the times where i should make it
and it gone without anything's could ever REPLACE cus i soo die with the times it gone forever..

where it never come back AGAIN.... Just never again "

Sunday, 28 December 2014


OHHHHH MYYY! it's Christmas time people! sorry late post as been quite busy with myself thinking and been quite busy with to planning my year #2015, searching job, clean my room, well..it just a start to pack and make some change my my come year #2015. anyway, my #Christmas been quite soo well, wonderful, awesome and MERRY, MERRY, MERRY CHRISTMAS! hahaha 

beside it been great, somethings happened, on 24th December, on our way to attend Church, there was a accident but all i can said is i thank to god that me and my family safe as well the person hit our car also safe but unfortunately, he not responsible on what he done, yet throw shit word and after that trying to blame us and after collect all his things then run away. ooh! what the scary and frustrate night we have but thanks god everyone is safe. 

and after done the church, we straight went home and celebrate our father Birthday and we just feel, and me could't feels CALM anything but i kept saying thanks god for keep safe us and thank for this wonderful #ChristmasEve i still got my family stay together. but that night i can't sleep well, maybe still thinking about the accident and at the same times, i feel excited too cus it #Christmas ! :) 

after awhile, i went to bed and fall sleeeeep! haha 

soooo wake up, wake up, wake up! it 25th December 2014, it's Christmas, Jingle bell, Jingle Bell, Jingle alll the way.. 

ohmy! i sooo excited whenever i hear Christmas song.. wen to church to celebrate the Christmas and straight went home and spending my times, watching the #Christmas Movie on Astro Channel Tv, 

i mean, who doesn't love sit at home watching those Christmas movie, iT such a fantasy for kids and as well to me (after all, i grow up) but hey..hey..although just spending Christmas at home but still feelings the happiness and awesome! 

Probably next year will plan somethings different beside staying at hooomeee. haha will see how since i gonna be 25 year old! my god! i getting old..shit! but hope next year will really a good2, awesome year for me.. *Fingercrossed* 

Christmas been a wonderful for me, although it simple way for me to celebrate but as long the one i loved always stay safe, healthy and be happy. that the best Christmas gift i could ask for. although, secretly i wish there a SANTA CLAUSE.. hihihi

And thank you to my little sister this #Christmas Gift, it soo wonderful and awesome for me. god bless you! as well my family! 

This taken during 24th December 2014, after church.. 

My mom and myself...hahaha, we don;t look alike right... 

MERRY, MERRY CHRISTMAS to all my reader and followers. Thanks for you all support and comments during this year! :) 

Here come our family photo during Christmas Day! :P 

that how i spend my #Christmas and i hope you did have a good time with your family's :) 

till the next post.. :) 

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Countdown To Christmas 2014

Jingle, jingle bell, Oh noo! Are we Ready to face this #Christmas which will happen in 24 hours Christmas Eve! and and 7 days more we going to countdown for #NewYear2015

For sure, Everyone would be agreed with me , for the past few years included this year, time flies so fast as so fast and we did what we could to make sure we didn't wasted the times each of our life, right? as for me, yes, still unemployed yet and i wasted too much time AGAIN! HUH.. I have no idea what is going on, i regret it soo much in my rest of my life but i just don't wanna regret over and over again so i gonna accept it cool ways and work even harder each years to paid back those time i wasted. 

so, so, Let's talk about Christmas month, week, day, eve and countdown
it all aboout Decoration tress, lighting's, gift, gift and being happy! haha but too bad 
Malaysia noo Snow for it well... at least you have to travel to some country to feel exactly what Christmas feels like with snow. at least 1 times in your lifetimes. isn't ?

Every year December , we sure look forward #Christmas times, maybe because we still live up to SANTA CLAUS where we hear the stories from books or movie. oh god! it still firely live in my mind and every December of Christmas i will secretly look for the gift that Santa claus might send me! hahahah i still living in that fairy tale of Christmas Santa Clau. i mean, i gonna live it with till i getting older... although i knew it never happen but still good to have this kind of dream. :P 

The Christmas Trees is everywhere, aww! it sooo mood of Christmas now, and ofcoure not forget to say that i did put the Christmas tree in my house and i just cant stop seeing it especially the light is ON! HUHUHU.. feeling like wanna Christmas everyday..i hope mine Christmas will get better and better each years in future.. :)

and yeah i did manage get some photo of the Christmas trees n shopping malls which is very inspired me to make my own Christmas trees decor next year.. haha 

Let's the Picture do the talk here: 

Here some Picture of the Christmas tree's in my house! :P Just small and simple. hehehe but gonna get the big one next year! hahaha

and as well, my own Christmas Tree in my room! i just done decor it yesterday night so i hope you love it! :) 

Taddaaaaaa! Hope You guys Have a wonderful Christmas with the one you love.



Sunday, 21 December 2014


Yeah! Welcome to DECEMBER 2014! oh god! Times flies so fassst! i wish it never this fast but it soo damn fasssssssst..Just feeling there no enough times for everything;s now. oh god! i wish i could STOP the time now. I wish! 

okay, today i gonna talk a long post here since soon we gonna enter #2015 yea! soo two weeks more left before end 2014

The dream, The future, The success, etc, is all we need to done and make it come true as each year. but lots of sacrifice have to done either lost and gain. Sometimes we just couldn't live without any hope we holding up. who never went such a horrible experience in the life we living, We can't say NO or YES easily as we have to make such a consideration where we gonna put alot effort to make it. be honest, Living the Life without any hope is such a HOPELESS as i went through the most in my 20's now, i really not sure about it but there is somethings the way we move. cus one words define everything's "STAY" :

                      "STAY too long same way
                       STAY exactly same
                       STAY for Royalty
                       STAY for Giving up
                       STAY for Love
                       STAY for never looking back
                       STAY, STAY, STAY...

The beginning of the year #2014 is all i did was "STAY" for such a long times for along way. nothing more bright then what you could said, cus i really makes myself "STAY too much longer then what I've planning. it like take and giving. The reason, it's so funny to say but i truly BROKEN then before. Cus it took me to much STAY and BROKEN at same time.. i would never imagine where i been living now, cus i don't dare to see again, again, again.. to hard to open my eyes and rearrange what I've lost no matter it still light.. because of YOU "STAY". CHANGE and SAVE would be the best way to make those lost became even better in future...

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Thursday, 4 December 2014


When we all start talk about LIFE, we just back to the basic where we are feeling emotional about everything. It hard to say anything sometimes when it's come to said  "It's Okay"... 

I believe too, we just the basic and normal when come to talk everything happened on your LIFE right...we find a thousand way or words just to encourage our self to make better in our life. but sometimes it just not work cus we can't fight everything's to back normal as before we feel. it felt so depression, YOU get the feeling the most worst of your life then you just gonna stick everything you got to make things gone and away.

 i could just say that, i not forever sad about things happen on my life but i feel so unfair that why i must go through this worst time while i never did somethings horrible to anyone. it not pleased feeling but it very hard to resist it. YOU though you can but the true is you just never make it gone forever, yes, you moving on but when it come the times you living, 

YOU will back to remembered those times. 

Living in life, there a worst feeling you must live to, cus that is your motivation, inspiration, strength you to live strong and tough! EVERYONE, EVERYBODY can do it well, but its always became the most pain feeling. 

we always wonder how much longer we need to endure the pain we have, how much longer we need to pretend being strong, how much longer we need to be patience every times. it not easy to be OKAY while actually we NOT okay.  

Sooo much dream we want to make it happened but not every dream will just happened like you wish to. YOU work hard, do harder, wish harder, pray harder but yet never come true. hah.. it really tricking you sometimes. the most comfortable feeling is when you start cry, cry, cry and lay on your bed and hugs your favorite dolls or pillow, that is my most and heal my sadness and pain cus it my comfortable therapy, i need someone but i don't need someone to make me feel better cus i just know myself too well and how i gonna feel make myself be happy again... 

B'cus i been through the worst worst things in my life by my own self, and it's teach me to became a better person. I hate it to said but i proud to myself that i can go through this road by myself. 

All i can said, it never easy road man to go but believe me, it teach me how to being tough and patience in my every movement and action in my every single step in life... 

"Live well in order to live faithfully, 
Living stronger like each of your bone's"
by. Alice C. 

Till the next post..

Friday, 21 November 2014

Thinking Out..

Sometimes, it really hard to understand everything that you should at least KNOW. it come to some point at my life, i wish it's never happen but turn on it have to depend to every situation, times to make it through. it always easy to just give a thought to everything you ever dream off, BUT the dreamer we used to just giving a thought is far away from what we used to believe and want. it so ironic to bear everything's when you really can't even hold up to thing's you wish to. BUT i knew we can't have it all together when you living in life that not even stable from you to make a choice for yourself ONLY.....

" We just need to adjust to every situation we have cus people change in any situation they been. it's normal through the bad, worst, pain, happy "

Every action you take, consider all the things you should't never compare to other's. cus it's never same for everyone living like your life.... It being so much beast beautiful life i used to have, right now i still hope we all will going through a beautiful life too. *Fingercrossed*

Till next time...

Saturday, 8 November 2014

SICK Road 2 + Big Plans Change

Hey..Hey.. How everyone doing now.. OMG!!!! it's November now! shit! Can you believe it...time fly freaking fast and we still left one month to go before end of December  2014 man! Oh noo! I seriously dunno where the time go for me.. i hate to said  but i lost in the time right now. i can't follow any step forward with a new days. 

As i lost in times now, i been seriously make a big plans and change in my healthy life, i really LOVE and darling soo much this new changing i make to my life. well..i gonna do it to make sure i will stay healthy since i been sick harder this few months now. soo yeah...i guess...it sooo unhealthy to just kept suck my self eat everything's  i want to eat. YOU can eat everything's you want BUT there a limit whatever you eat right.. so that why i changing my lifestyles of eating for more healthy ways now. i CUT down some sugars, salt, meat and CHOCOLATES and DRINKS Lemon (Warms/Ice) yes, you know that..well..i dunno what is the TRUE theory about this Warm Lemon but for sure, I, myself, i can't drink Lemon everyday for now, Especially those got GASTRIC(Acid) , you surely better not drink lemon too much in your daily life, cus it will even worst your gastric since it quite Acid. soo that how i got mine Acid Gastric which is crazy and painful Stomach i ever have any sick in my life. i never feels soo much pain then this before. and I make sure myself ON TIME eating. that the best way for any gastric you guys have. and DON'T get wrong with my information about this Drink LEMON things...You can always drink it but if you got nay gastric sick, make sure get some advice from your doctors. (Just to make sure your gastric wont get more worst

 i been Workout/Exercise soo much now, i take 30 minutes or 1 hours to done my workout, well..beside to lost some weight, it's also for my sake of healthy as my height not balance with my current weight so i need to lost some weight. need to work even harder now..and i been soo obsess with any exercise which i search some workout session that quite easy and comfortable and harder. now my currently favorite is do SQUATS and PUSH UP SPIDER! hahaha it does require soo much energy from you but it sweat soo much as well.. haha :P even now, i think mine sweat is SEXY! haha :P 

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Social Friendship's Things..

Yes, Today post is all about FRIENDSHIP....hahaha i been thinking quite lot for the past few month to writes this post. well..it based on my stories too and some of sharing stories by mine friends.

well, i think in our LIFE is very important to have FRIENDS. they always, forever tons of friends you gonna have but to share everything's happen on you life. definitely there no many friends you would like to share too. i sure everyone does this. they have to come very trusty person when come to share every little thing in you life. PRIVACY . and some of them just not care about your everything's in life. i mean they don't like knowing everything's unless you told them. hihihihi

To being a social person, yes, you will have a lot of friends, which is very in advantage or disadvantage, it just how you see in your perspective way. Everyone does have a right to choose friends in their life. i sure everyone does that. i don't have a lot friends which is that prove me i not a very social person, i just get to hang out which my High school and college friends, THAT IT! it pretty much my life personal Bored! HAHAHA yes, i complaint bout that but IT myself problem. cus i dunno i think i kinda don't know how to make a  conversation with stranger or i bored or toooo protective person when it come to social with stranger's people. 

as i don't see it very dangerous way but yes, i have this kinda Hard time to hangout or talk with someone i did't know well especially from friend of mine.  but Surprise, surprising is i kinda doing GOOD when it come to SOCIAL media on my Twitter, Instagram, FacebookMessengerr, Weibo...etc.. hahahahahaha sound weird hah! but it soo true that i doing soo well on social media where you can and always talk everything's with those stranger people's..where i knew some of them that we always kept in touch tho! :P which i much harder to meet someone that stranger and talk with them.. But..But i must said,  it's very Dangerous whenever you talk with someone you don't know always being careful, cus YOU all know all the stories nowadays how they cheat, lying or etc... that can harm you pretty much so mine advise is always being CAREFUL when you seeing or talk with someone that you don't... Be smart, Be careful when you on these apps! :)

I used to have a very good friends and we still are a good Friends but not gonna lies but i feel the distances the recently where i think we didn't have this close friendship like we used to have, where we used to talk about everything's, hangout.. all the fun stuff girlfriends things..hehe Etc.. maybe because we all just nature grow apart from what we used to do..well...it very hard to say but i always try my best to understanding every situation we been through but yeah..Sometimes as much you try, try and kept try but you never get the answer where you expect you wanna hear but turn it just never work, sometimes you wanna a honest and sincerely ways to understand but yeah.. i never blame on what happen, i just could blame myself... i never be a good friends to them soo yeah..

I come to understand now, and i know we all can't force it but i learn the biggest lesson in my friendship life, where i need to accept the fact that friendship will change, you can't hold it up forever, 

it will last forever where you and your friends appreciated every little things you done, always listen all your talk although it might out of the limit to help but it always big help where you just listen and focus how they feelings, always there for them, remember wherever you go, do the activities together's, understanding each other...well..there many more, so i left it to you guys.. 

I will and always cheers those moment we used to have and i always hope the very best for my friends although we can't be like last time but i thanks them for walking together in my life journey and i looking forward with new people i meeting, a new environment  and and now i totally accept the fact and i moving on into new direction... 

To build a good "Friendship" it always start how much you are willing let them in your life

How much love, care, understand you willing to give in your friendship life

It's always OKAY to accept the fact if the "Friendship" not always turn good. That how you learn how to make better friends again. 

So..I hope we all meet a good friends where we can talk everything's..and be a good friends.. 

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Talk Love, Heart.

Sometimes life, hrmm....how to put this but everyone is experience life in their daily living, sure many things in their life experience different situations. Sometimes we love, sometimes we hate, sometimes we happy, sometimes we sad, that always about how we living in each moment. Hah....how should say, this is just our LIFE... isn't complicated to understand how we did survive day by day, it really crazy but it been incredibly WONDERFUL LIFE through all the BITTERSWEET MOMENT...

2014, sure everyone have lots need to share and talk be about it, well..same goes to me...  As for me, 2014 surely will be a year expect the most since I born in horse year so 2014 meant alot to me and i expect something more great, awesome and even the greatest one. Haha and my biggest wish and hope is to machine my dream which us i hope i can be that dream in the nearest time. So I praying hard and work hard to achieve it. So *fingercrossed** for it. Amen!

You know what, I always have this very fantastic imagine about my MR. Right man, how we meet and how much we did care about each other, how we going to spend our rest of life together, getting old together, having a kids together...Argh!! Just imagine it... Hahahahaha :P i know we always will have our own FANTASTIC about man! I been knowing quite few man(all of them really nice but somehow it didn't work) in my life... and this guy quite few year now, being friend and we STILL are good friend but we never see each other but we being friends through he cousin which is one of my good friends so that how we start our friendship and we not really always chat through but we kinda like close, haha but in somehow when there a time, he telling me the feeling he got towards me..wow! i super shock surprise! somehow, he really move my heart the way he care, the way how he make me feel so special even more, oh gosh, I like  omg! swear that he one of the every girl's love since he is really romantic person, caring person,  family styles and etc... hahaha well.. something's happen, it really hard to explain but i stilll hope the BEST for him and i did not know what gonna happen in this friendship, maybe someday might tun into "romantics relationship" or not, for sure, i glad and appreciate that he was my good friend now... like old saying, 

" if only you MORE work hard and be patient, things eventually will became yours, SOMEDAY you will be the one for someone you love"  

Honestly, I pretty hard to get on relationship like I dunno why, is my requirements very high or maybe not my taste, maybe cus I guess I love myself too much and protecting myself too much. This is not the first time but it been happen for several time and till now I still can't get it why I have this kind behave...so i very complicated person! haix..haix..Hrmm..i guess I such weird person... haix...cant help it out...everything's has change, just like the last time, when the heart about to like the name, it break the heart and the blame was how hard for me to trust and it too late...when we did missing the times where it should start blooms, some place have start blooms early then you expect. Cus it just the last times. The best times, once here, but the bad times has come and took away where the best times must go and take another new breath to gain yourself moving on. Put the list in your heart, that the only way to remember when we once did like. Moving on and we all wish the best for our life, to you and to me, let's cheer up the times used to come and now we moving toward the times we gonna headed out.

** so for all my reader, please don't give up on your love, if you meet someone nice or suit you, grab the chance.. so let's do our best in life and Love story... hope we all meet someone we could spend the rest our life with that person. ** 

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Wednesday, 22 October 2014


YES, I back with another POEM again..i used to hate or don't like write anything but i NOW sooo inspired by those quote, books, movie's, drama;s, novel's, etc... this is how my next POEM sound like, well,  :) 

" When sound wherever you are

waiting could be forever just for you

Life could kept going when forever you here

Learning to make step by step wherever it bring you 

Dream,Hope,Wish,Strength,Sadness,Happiness wherever you are here

I couldn't name you but i know you been here, 

and will always forever here with you 

Struggle wherever you are, i survive from it

I travel a thousand miles just to reach wherever you are

Alone will always forever with me and you

because you all i need to live on

The world, The people's call you L.I.F.E "

Selfie black and white 2014

Life never felt completed without doing any SELFIE time! hahaha 

anyways, hope you guys have a great day and good month! : ) 

of course two month to go for end of the year! oh noo.. 1 month's plus now...there you go TIMES! 

Crazy HUH! anyways, i wish everyone's good luck in everything's you do! ^_^ 

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Tawau once again! :)

After all, it's time to take short vacation AGAIN! haha, i super excited, for me, for my family, it's like kinda traditionally ways now for us to take any short gateway whenever it school holiday or public holiday, sooo we love to go FISHING,SHORT TRIPS to anywhere we can reach..huahaha

So here again, it actually double reason for us to go here (TAWAU) again, first is to send off my little sister go for her training month for her college homework/project. second is, tiem to explore agian the Tawau, see any new things on town.. and ofcourse the food! oh god! this place is super seafood heaven where i sure there alot tourist do love this place as it one of the best tourist attraction beside KK ( kota Kinabalu).. heheheh but, i didnt take lot photo cus we didn't go anywhere beside, we go eat , superrmarket and staying at hotel and enjoy the rest time well.. hahaha and ofcourse! i not to forgot mention this very spectacular view! from hotel rooftop man! so..let's begin the photo talk now...

One of the view of Tawau Town....

Hanging out with my siblings to see the sunset...

Tadaaaaaa... here the sunset..... :P 

one of the very famous "Mee Sup" Noodle Soup Malay" very tasty and lots flavors!  

Dim Sum!!! Everyone loves it!!! ...



soo that the end of my very short vacation..hehehe :P
till next time.... :) 

Monday, 20 October 2014

SICK Down road...

hey...Aloha..Hello, Hii! How everyone doing? it another month, OCTOBER! oh good! just imagine, time do fly so fast and 2 more month to go for end of yeas 2014. wah.. crazy year, crazy month, crazy life, and CRAZY time!! :-)

IT BEEN roller coaster journey for me, too up and down to go, and tell you,it soo crazy sometimes i always give up but i still live up to the motivation i hold up sooo NO easy give up! hahaha i dunno but this year is one of my really worst years and i been hell sicking, from sore throat, fever, gastric and fever again and not last but lets be the last time, MIGRAINE! oh god. i just soo freaking tired, scare in mentally and physically.. oh..i just pray so hard not to sick again and it feeling not good when you are sick right.., not good at all, so i been careful to eat medicine and try not to sleeep too late, and i am sleep early now! since all this sick hit me! hahaha but the only bad news for me now is mine gastric acid, well, doctors told me don't eat too much sour things, and try get on time, to be exactly, train your life style eating on time  and eat medicine suit with yourself. sooo yes, now i more into healthy lifestyle now, (try too) haha. still learning.. and yes.. i have to learning all the healthy things! have toooo..for my stomach and gastric! kekekekeke :P

As for work progress! hell yea! but i will/must trying hard for better future. so "fingercrossed" god bless everything's :)

Wednesday, 1 October 2014


Having the worst feeling in your life definitely never beeeen good day, that what i feel a few day ago when my mom sick badly which i thought it just normal sick she have, until it became worst decide to take my mom go see a doctor and the doctor told me that my mom have a high blood pressure which is shock me and speechless awhile cus my mom never love eat sweeet things or eat fast fooods, she more into simple foods and traditional way when come too eat so i always have this though in my mind that people never love eat those so off course will never get any bad sick right.. but guess i soo wrong about this knowledge. did you know that most shock me is this high blood things can be seriously worst by Stoke which i believe everyone know this fact of stoke.
 as the doctors said must take a good control on the foods we takes so we can prevent any disease.
 that really scared and i feel soo terrific and seeing my mother getting older now, makes me feels like spending times with her does get me feels so emotional, i dunno why....i guess, i hate my mom grow old... 

Seeing one of our family sick is really painful to deal with it cus we just hope them always in good healthy.. I just wish and hope and forever pray for her in good healthy and always healthy and always in good condition each part of her bodyyy. Get well soon mom! and i hope you stay strong! :)

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Everything's Come back .. (POEM)

If i can ever feels LOVE
could i come back alive once again..
flowers smell millions way like you
i be the bees to stuck by your honey..
repeat to me if you could wait and stay again..

for the one you love, i would get home for you
matter's it always come first for you

end so before start cus wherever you are
i feels so drum where the beats so addicted to you
we living in gold of the times our life..
look at me know me it's true what you see
look once again if you don't take my words for it cus 
I always, always I Do.. huhuhu

All i think about the Butterflies you let into me
the sound of whisper you i dreaming to 
as long...as long i wish 

~ Is this Addicted to the LOVE i mean in life.... ~


Journey TO (HOMETOWN) Indonesia

YES, Finally..one of the greatest gift i received in this world is can go to my mom hometown! INDONESIA! i feel excited and happy! cus it's was my first time went back to hometown as i growing up without living once in HOMETOWN so I super excited to how it feels like being in hometown. sure a huge different then modern city right... and i was staying there for quite sometimes where the bad news is attend my grandfather funeral so my mom whole families will go back to attend and all the relatives as well. so here i will know more about my mother cultural, people, relatives and ofcourse experience of living in hometown ( Kampung)... 

TORAJA is where i head to and it took 3D2N to arrived here and yet another continues destination where It's took 7-8 hours to reach the "Big town" called " Rantepao" by Bus where is the city full of cultural ways and yes, it one of the TOURIST spots here. where you can see almost every cultural here, the traditional house, the people and ofcourse the SOUVENIR which is handmade by people there. so it a good place to explore even myself shock that this place quite FAMOUS with tourist spot but it seldom people here (Malaysia) know so i guess a few people n sure Sabah is very familiar with this name of place cus mostly the people there come here look for job n working and staying here. 

Here the link of the place of LAND OF TORAJA http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Toraja

once arrived at one small shops where it's run by one of my mother relatives too, cus this is where we have to take a vans or cars for our next destinations is my grandmother house where it about 2-3 hours drives and i heard it from my mom it up n down hill roads so it's sound very awesome yes, it freaking up n down hills and it got every amazing scenes/view of the place. where it surrounded by tall/giant trees, the river, the waterfalls, the paddy fields, many of buffalo, etc... and we arrived at my grandmother house at midnight around 12.00 am somethings where me n mom greet by grandmother, omg! no word to describe cus it was my very first time in my life get hugs by my grandmother so i feel weird but i feel amazing i finally make it to here and my first step here. oooh...it feeeel so AMAZING!  that was my first day n first time see grandmother so close and REAl! hahaha :P 

Begin my first Morning, day, Yes.. people here do wake up early around 3-4 am in morning.. hrmm.. i was still sleeping at this hours but in here it morning early for people here. but what fancy me here is there no any FAN here but it feel so cool here and you need a lots blanket to cover yourself. wakakaka but i still feel HOT somehow but no sweat! having a conversation with every where at house, grandmother, my aunt, my cousin and my other relatives and they sooo curious about me well.. i not looks exactly like people here.. hahaha.. 1,2,3 minutes keeps see me which is make me feels nervous n weird but it okay.. i also curious about them too. haha don't get me wrong, it just how they life living here every Unique and beautiful. i can't 100% understand they language but thanks god, my mother is my translator teacher here.. hahaha but to be honest as time pass i can understand the language quite well so no problem for understand! but..but not in speak. 

it's sad for me cus it was not for good situation to be happy whole times cus we are prepared for my grandfather funeral event where it will do in traditional way so there many things to do and done. Let the photos speak... haha

okay, I really enjoy taking photos and yeah, for me taking photos is like makes me feel joy somehow, haha but it a like one of my hobbies too, cus the photos will stay forever exactly how it was, it never grow old and when you grow old someday, those PHOTOS will refresh back all you once ever have or done in the past. taking this photos at Tawau , Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Another part of Tawau town

Hangout at the place like this definitely no word can describe man! feeling so high with the sky. and watching the Sunset here..wow! I LOVE... well..it a great hotel with this kind if concept.. 

Here..Here come that sunset greet us! oh gosh...BEAUTIFUL! 

After 2-3 1/2 hours ride speed boat finally Arrived at Nunukan Island... for the next transportation..

Hey..hey...After long day of drive, me and my mom arrived at my grandmother house at middle night times, and my grandmother stiill wake up and greets us outside house. and hug tight me an mom. it feeling soo overwhelming and warmmmm! 

 Early morning scenes greet me! Beautiful and fresh Air.. 

Thanks to my very awesome Camera Sony, catch me this wonderful scenes where i feel much close the cloud. 


Explore the town (Rantepao) where it's not big but very culture and it really busy place..  The peoples, the Buildings, The foods, The Shops, The Market...

Traditional cookies

The guys here actually is performance the cultural dance and sings.. It's called "Ma' madong" 

The Ladies here in charge for all the foods, drinks

Ready to greets all the people come here and we the family have to greets them. 

I love Living in town cus i get to learn how people make a living just from this and it just not easy for me cus it take lots work to do. collects the woods, cut it, dried it from wets, etc... it just not easy task but..but.. i LOVE how it felt like it soo feeling nostalgia where i feel like back to 70's era..haha but..i did make those while i staying there and i good at it after fails few times make it..hahhahaha i feel sooo damn satisfied....

My grandpa funeral going smooth and now we ready to clean all the things here and i sure will missing here and i dunno when i can come back here for sure it gonna takes for long long times. and i feel great during staying here, get to know people here which is very warm and kind and meeting my grandmother for the first time does make me feel goods and i wish nothings for here but only the BEST AND BEST things only happen on her life nowww..