Saturday, 12 April 2014

Welcome My April..

It been another while haven't update anything here right..Haha..gonna a admit lately things been shake a lots and lazy is one of the reason I not updated like used to be.  :-p

Well, start with my new life as I enter my sweet 24 year old this year, so it freaking me out!like why..why time have to go soo fast, I sure everyone out there do agree with me right..huh! But that life is so even with too much complain won't change everything either. So get your self with it. Bt I SECRETLY WISH that time can go slow abit...hehehehe ^_^  now I been staying at home while look for job, went to few interview but no going well, so it does take lots time and searching around again. It been really stressful and mixed all feeling but hey!I went through this before so I know and I believe I will get one soon as I does work hard for it and went through alot. Believe me find work is easy but look for something that suite you and face the interview really the harder things to do... sometimes you fail again and again,  there no word can describe to all the people out there still look for job, don't give up and soon there a good news. :-)

For this year, I does have goal so I really and promise to myself I will work hard for 100% for that dream so I do hope i can go through it and success it! In just one try! So let's the dream became and success and forever be mine!hehe the dream I always want, I never dare to be it but now I really, wish, obsess and must make this dream come true. So I am *fingercrossed* of it!God bless! ;-))

Have a great day to my blogger friends..Enjoy your day. ♥♥♥♥

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