Tuesday, 8 July 2014


Yes....ofcourse!!! One of the most excited EVENT in the world is FIFA WORLD CUP 2014 AT brazil! ♥♥♥ sometime, me and my family even watch this fifa world cup 2014...that how excited we are at Homeeee! :-)

OH GOSH......i never knew THAT FOOTBALL was this fun and crazy game! I never like football like NEVER! But thanks to FIFA things, now I start to develop my feelings to football and believe me i am sooo IN LOVE with it now. I even cus of that I sometimes wake up at early morning to see the match. Now I know how enjoyable watch football. Of course everyone does have a favorite team to support n hope they WIN! HAHAHA  watching FIFA WORLD CUP 2014 really get myself way tooo excited,thriller,emotional,nervous,happy and yelling! Hahah All this i experience in WORLD CUP 2014..everyone is crazy bout world cup now. But what I love about this fever world cup is ALL THE PEOPLE AROUND THE WORLD GET TOGETHER IN ONE PLACE just to watching this. And those CHEERS you hear in whole stadium amazing will moved you and brought to tears. seeing all the flags from all over the world and wave it all day just to show how excited they and to show to whole world.... and not forgot to mention that SING national country song IS to show how ìmportant this all this to each of the country play at FIFA WORLD CUP 2014 at brazil. They lots things we cna talk about this fever world cup but one things I sure is LOVE is brought everyone come closer and i believe through this we all can see this effect our life and to realise that DREAM, HARD WORK is worth. How we inspire those young people, teenager, kids that love playing SOCCER/FOOTBALL, seeing them crying became emotional to each match is like this world cup things how  important to them. And how all the soccers players inspired them..... include me...i was really moved by those people how they can shed tears and cheers for the teams their love.
I used to be athletes too when I was in high school. I was one of those people good in running in school.... I and my other friends in teams always represent our school in competition and to be honestly it never been easy task to do, cus it took lots of times, encourage, commitment and work hard to make yourself can achieve and became winner in each of the match. It's like never ending day and I almost give up, you know it very tiring...but I kinda addicted to sound of those people cheer for you in the stadium..it BEST feeling ever...probably this is one the best moment every ATHLETES could experience...hahaha..for me YESSSS! ♥♥♥ anyways..i hope the best for all the teams play in FIFA WORLD CUP 2014 a BRAZIL..no matter who win or lost, being in world cup is great enough and believe those players does everything they have and did their best to win the game... GOOD LUCK EVERYONE AND WE ARE ONE AND ALWAYS ONE..

FIFA WORLD CUP 2014.......


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