Saturday, 30 August 2014


OH God, just tell me the reason, feelings soo affected with this whole situation where things so sorrow to living up, too much reason where i can't decide...

Oh..where i always feelings Oh...OH...ohhhh.. did me, we, us, WASTED all the youth we have, pretty sure we doesn't share the same experience of YOUTH but everyone have it and do it their own ways. how should we do, did, to makes we WON'T wasted the those YOUTH, i always thinking that it's always in Season BUT the truly is everyday is a Season to makes your YOUTH  living in happiness of the future. cus we hold the future in the hands.  

Oh god, i need a super POWER reason, does we waste it all. just search the meaning of everything's in our life. did i? 

I find, searching all the courage to makes my life better comfort, never give up look for the quotes and the better wise word for every way i look for.. crying..crying just one of kind way to make self feels comfort but it just such a pointless cus i feeling lost in between the star... that trying to light of the dark......

Oh...everything you need, want, there price where you should have to makes it happen. nothings come free as you living, you gotta work hard to hold tight your dream. but i just don't get it cus people just work hard, work harder but it so frustrated when some people can get so way easily. just give a reason... i don't blame or what but i can't understand. got me crying over... seeing those people work harder through entire of the life but but...but.. Oh...oh...uh... Life (pray for them will have get a ONE chance to living HAPPINESS) *fingercrossed* 

Listen to this song "Lost Star", inspired me write the this post , it just so random emotional i feels tonight, and believe me it 3.16 am now. oh gosh (@_@) panda eyes soon

" .... I wish someone could see me or reaching out for someone.. it's so sorrow feeling, wake up on morning like crying so drunk..."

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