Tuesday, 26 August 2014

The Feel mixed

Yes, yes... i can't sleep well this few month and it's getting worst this few weeks now.. DAMN! 
it not i don't want sleep but sometimes, the brain is working too much where it like encourage me not sleep. Argh.....i just don't want waste my night without sleep..at least..let's me take rest and be healthy!  :(  

that how bad my night time when i can't fall sleep.. Thinking..thinking...thinking... all i did is thinking things EVERYTHING'S while i still stuck in place will never let me get money. this is bulshit man! I mean living life like this can be good but the goods never go anywhere where you will kept getting fall..fall..fall into WORST! Get something to do bout you DAY, whatever just do somethings cus TIMES don't wait you.. yes, TIME doesn't wait you to done everything's you needs. so APPRECIATE your DAYS and people around you... that is why i regret soo much but think back at situation i been through nothing i can do to make myself regret cus i choose it to be like this ways. 

Myself stuck into very huge walls that against everything i imagine and my action. everything you could imagine always Beautiful and Lovely where you live it up cus somehow you thinking you will make it but without any ACTION towards those imagination YOU will never get inch of it.. words might seem POWER to someone but your ACTION is even more then you could say anythings. YES , i did wrong once again cus i kept reply the same mistake where mine imagination take a full CONTROL of my action and lend me to stuck place... it just feel everything's, no words can describe how weird, awful, pain, hurt, disappoint all is mixed feeling where i wish could stop the TIME again and make a fresh starttt... I wish too... 

Like the old said ...

" It's okay to feel regret in your life, cus that make you strong and won't make a second mistake for your to feel regret for same things" 

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