Saturday, 23 August 2014


AS we all aware that this year been really quite TRAGIC year for world and most is to my country Malaysia. It gonna just a year where all the bad things kept falling into and surely we gonna remember for rest of our life. especially to MALAYSIA.. I was totally shock when i hear the news of one the Flight MH 370 depart from Kuala Lumpur to BEIJING was missing until now not yet be found which UNEXPLAINED disappearance and I BELIEVE ALL the necessary have bee carry on with all the technology things but we only can did our BEST to find the missing flight and  we only can kept Pray, Pray and PRAY.

AND as we still sad of the missing flight OF MH370 then we ONCE again been SHOCK by one of MAS (Malaysia Flight) flight MH17 has believe was shoot down by unresponsible person and until now we still dunno who do this and I believe government will do their best to makes sure those who SHOULD responsible for this will bring those people to the justice. I just can't believe this year been really sad year to Malaysia and we as malaysia people living here still can't believe and especially to the VICTIM families member. just imagine how they feel. it feel so DAMN worst loss someone you LOVE very much... it feel so horrible knowing when they don't exit in this world anymore..

On the 22nd August 2014, were we welcome back and respect towards the bodies of victim on board MH17 where this special day we will have a observe a minute of silent and prayer and while the nationwide flags were lowered to the half-mask. where all the media TV, Radio station do the LIVE from Airport (KLIA) sepang where we see the arrived of the flight(MAS) carry the first 20 bodies among the citizen killed in MH 17...The victims' bodies have been given to their families and relatives to be laid to rest.

It's just sad and mourn day for Malaysia this day.......

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