Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Everything's Come back .. (POEM)

If i can ever feels LOVE
could i come back alive once again..
flowers smell millions way like you
i be the bees to stuck by your honey..
repeat to me if you could wait and stay again..

for the one you love, i would get home for you
matter's it always come first for you

end so before start cus wherever you are
i feels so drum where the beats so addicted to you
we living in gold of the times our life..
look at me know me it's true what you see
look once again if you don't take my words for it cus 
I always, always I Do.. huhuhu

All i think about the Butterflies you let into me
the sound of whisper you i dreaming to 
as long...as long i wish 

~ Is this Addicted to the LOVE i mean in life.... ~


1 comment:

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