Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Journey TO (HOMETOWN) Indonesia

YES, Finally..one of the greatest gift i received in this world is can go to my mom hometown! INDONESIA! i feel excited and happy! cus it's was my first time went back to hometown as i growing up without living once in HOMETOWN so I super excited to how it feels like being in hometown. sure a huge different then modern city right... and i was staying there for quite sometimes where the bad news is attend my grandfather funeral so my mom whole families will go back to attend and all the relatives as well. so here i will know more about my mother cultural, people, relatives and ofcourse experience of living in hometown ( Kampung)... 

TORAJA is where i head to and it took 3D2N to arrived here and yet another continues destination where It's took 7-8 hours to reach the "Big town" called " Rantepao" by Bus where is the city full of cultural ways and yes, it one of the TOURIST spots here. where you can see almost every cultural here, the traditional house, the people and ofcourse the SOUVENIR which is handmade by people there. so it a good place to explore even myself shock that this place quite FAMOUS with tourist spot but it seldom people here (Malaysia) know so i guess a few people n sure Sabah is very familiar with this name of place cus mostly the people there come here look for job n working and staying here. 

Here the link of the place of LAND OF TORAJA http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Toraja

once arrived at one small shops where it's run by one of my mother relatives too, cus this is where we have to take a vans or cars for our next destinations is my grandmother house where it about 2-3 hours drives and i heard it from my mom it up n down hill roads so it's sound very awesome yes, it freaking up n down hills and it got every amazing scenes/view of the place. where it surrounded by tall/giant trees, the river, the waterfalls, the paddy fields, many of buffalo, etc... and we arrived at my grandmother house at midnight around 12.00 am somethings where me n mom greet by grandmother, omg! no word to describe cus it was my very first time in my life get hugs by my grandmother so i feel weird but i feel amazing i finally make it to here and my first step here. oooh...it feeeel so AMAZING!  that was my first day n first time see grandmother so close and REAl! hahaha :P 

Begin my first Morning, day, Yes.. people here do wake up early around 3-4 am in morning.. hrmm.. i was still sleeping at this hours but in here it morning early for people here. but what fancy me here is there no any FAN here but it feel so cool here and you need a lots blanket to cover yourself. wakakaka but i still feel HOT somehow but no sweat! having a conversation with every where at house, grandmother, my aunt, my cousin and my other relatives and they sooo curious about me well.. i not looks exactly like people here.. hahaha.. 1,2,3 minutes keeps see me which is make me feels nervous n weird but it okay.. i also curious about them too. haha don't get me wrong, it just how they life living here every Unique and beautiful. i can't 100% understand they language but thanks god, my mother is my translator teacher here.. hahaha but to be honest as time pass i can understand the language quite well so no problem for understand! but..but not in speak. 

it's sad for me cus it was not for good situation to be happy whole times cus we are prepared for my grandfather funeral event where it will do in traditional way so there many things to do and done. Let the photos speak... haha

okay, I really enjoy taking photos and yeah, for me taking photos is like makes me feel joy somehow, haha but it a like one of my hobbies too, cus the photos will stay forever exactly how it was, it never grow old and when you grow old someday, those PHOTOS will refresh back all you once ever have or done in the past. taking this photos at Tawau , Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Another part of Tawau town

Hangout at the place like this definitely no word can describe man! feeling so high with the sky. and watching the Sunset here..wow! I LOVE... well..it a great hotel with this kind if concept.. 

Here..Here come that sunset greet us! oh gosh...BEAUTIFUL! 

After 2-3 1/2 hours ride speed boat finally Arrived at Nunukan Island... for the next transportation..

Hey..hey...After long day of drive, me and my mom arrived at my grandmother house at middle night times, and my grandmother stiill wake up and greets us outside house. and hug tight me an mom. it feeling soo overwhelming and warmmmm! 

 Early morning scenes greet me! Beautiful and fresh Air.. 

Thanks to my very awesome Camera Sony, catch me this wonderful scenes where i feel much close the cloud. 


Explore the town (Rantepao) where it's not big but very culture and it really busy place..  The peoples, the Buildings, The foods, The Shops, The Market...

Traditional cookies

The guys here actually is performance the cultural dance and sings.. It's called "Ma' madong" 

The Ladies here in charge for all the foods, drinks

Ready to greets all the people come here and we the family have to greets them. 

I love Living in town cus i get to learn how people make a living just from this and it just not easy for me cus it take lots work to do. collects the woods, cut it, dried it from wets, etc... it just not easy task but..but.. i LOVE how it felt like it soo feeling nostalgia where i feel like back to 70's era..haha but..i did make those while i staying there and i good at it after fails few times make it..hahhahaha i feel sooo damn satisfied....

My grandpa funeral going smooth and now we ready to clean all the things here and i sure will missing here and i dunno when i can come back here for sure it gonna takes for long long times. and i feel great during staying here, get to know people here which is very warm and kind and meeting my grandmother for the first time does make me feel goods and i wish nothings for here but only the BEST AND BEST things only happen on her life nowww..

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