Saturday, 6 September 2014

Welcome September 2014...

wishing this wonderful September would be great,awesome and lots good news for me, cus i need it! :) just like other months, i wish the same thoughts, dream, hope to everything little things i want to be in my life. so *fingercrossed*

Not far to mention, 3 more months left before the we gonna left behind this year 2014, i always look forwards this years 2014, as it a horse year so i ma horse years born so i definitely look forward but yea..nothings seem going well so i don't want put my hope to high.. i just hope my little wish,dream will come true by this timeee...i felt so exhausted to kept waiting but i know more then anyone that i have to make myself change more and working hard more in order to going through the dream i wanna be. so i can;t give any excuse or any reason or any complaint.. so let's not give up for the last time alice! U can do it! :) 

well..i see you guys soon...and hope you will have wonderful months and have a great day people! :) 

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