Wednesday, 22 October 2014


YES, I back with another POEM again..i used to hate or don't like write anything but i NOW sooo inspired by those quote, books, movie's, drama;s, novel's, etc... this is how my next POEM sound like, well,  :) 

" When sound wherever you are

waiting could be forever just for you

Life could kept going when forever you here

Learning to make step by step wherever it bring you 

Dream,Hope,Wish,Strength,Sadness,Happiness wherever you are here

I couldn't name you but i know you been here, 

and will always forever here with you 

Struggle wherever you are, i survive from it

I travel a thousand miles just to reach wherever you are

Alone will always forever with me and you

because you all i need to live on

The world, The people's call you L.I.F.E "

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