Monday, 20 October 2014

SICK Down road...

hey...Aloha..Hello, Hii! How everyone doing? it another month, OCTOBER! oh good! just imagine, time do fly so fast and 2 more month to go for end of yeas 2014. wah.. crazy year, crazy month, crazy life, and CRAZY time!! :-)

IT BEEN roller coaster journey for me, too up and down to go, and tell you,it soo crazy sometimes i always give up but i still live up to the motivation i hold up sooo NO easy give up! hahaha i dunno but this year is one of my really worst years and i been hell sicking, from sore throat, fever, gastric and fever again and not last but lets be the last time, MIGRAINE! oh god. i just soo freaking tired, scare in mentally and physically.. oh..i just pray so hard not to sick again and it feeling not good when you are sick right.., not good at all, so i been careful to eat medicine and try not to sleeep too late, and i am sleep early now! since all this sick hit me! hahaha but the only bad news for me now is mine gastric acid, well, doctors told me don't eat too much sour things, and try get on time, to be exactly, train your life style eating on time  and eat medicine suit with yourself. sooo yes, now i more into healthy lifestyle now, (try too) haha. still learning.. and yes.. i have to learning all the healthy things! have toooo..for my stomach and gastric! kekekekeke :P

As for work progress! hell yea! but i will/must trying hard for better future. so "fingercrossed" god bless everything's :)

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