Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Social Friendship's Things..

Yes, Today post is all about FRIENDSHIP....hahaha i been thinking quite lot for the past few month to writes this post. based on my stories too and some of sharing stories by mine friends.

well, i think in our LIFE is very important to have FRIENDS. they always, forever tons of friends you gonna have but to share everything's happen on you life. definitely there no many friends you would like to share too. i sure everyone does this. they have to come very trusty person when come to share every little thing in you life. PRIVACY . and some of them just not care about your everything's in life. i mean they don't like knowing everything's unless you told them. hihihihi

To being a social person, yes, you will have a lot of friends, which is very in advantage or disadvantage, it just how you see in your perspective way. Everyone does have a right to choose friends in their life. i sure everyone does that. i don't have a lot friends which is that prove me i not a very social person, i just get to hang out which my High school and college friends, THAT IT! it pretty much my life personal Bored! HAHAHA yes, i complaint bout that but IT myself problem. cus i dunno i think i kinda don't know how to make a  conversation with stranger or i bored or toooo protective person when it come to social with stranger's people. 

as i don't see it very dangerous way but yes, i have this kinda Hard time to hangout or talk with someone i did't know well especially from friend of mine.  but Surprise, surprising is i kinda doing GOOD when it come to SOCIAL media on my Twitter, Instagram, FacebookMessengerr, Weibo...etc.. hahahahahaha sound weird hah! but it soo true that i doing soo well on social media where you can and always talk everything's with those stranger people's..where i knew some of them that we always kept in touch tho! :P which i much harder to meet someone that stranger and talk with them.. But..But i must said,  it's very Dangerous whenever you talk with someone you don't know always being careful, cus YOU all know all the stories nowadays how they cheat, lying or etc... that can harm you pretty much so mine advise is always being CAREFUL when you seeing or talk with someone that you don't... Be smart, Be careful when you on these apps! :)

I used to have a very good friends and we still are a good Friends but not gonna lies but i feel the distances the recently where i think we didn't have this close friendship like we used to have, where we used to talk about everything's, hangout.. all the fun stuff girlfriends things..hehe Etc.. maybe because we all just nature grow apart from what we used to very hard to say but i always try my best to understanding every situation we been through but yeah..Sometimes as much you try, try and kept try but you never get the answer where you expect you wanna hear but turn it just never work, sometimes you wanna a honest and sincerely ways to understand but yeah.. i never blame on what happen, i just could blame myself... i never be a good friends to them soo yeah..

I come to understand now, and i know we all can't force it but i learn the biggest lesson in my friendship life, where i need to accept the fact that friendship will change, you can't hold it up forever, 

it will last forever where you and your friends appreciated every little things you done, always listen all your talk although it might out of the limit to help but it always big help where you just listen and focus how they feelings, always there for them, remember wherever you go, do the activities together's, understanding each other...well..there many more, so i left it to you guys.. 

I will and always cheers those moment we used to have and i always hope the very best for my friends although we can't be like last time but i thanks them for walking together in my life journey and i looking forward with new people i meeting, a new environment  and and now i totally accept the fact and i moving on into new direction... 

To build a good "Friendship" it always start how much you are willing let them in your life

How much love, care, understand you willing to give in your friendship life

It's always OKAY to accept the fact if the "Friendship" not always turn good. That how you learn how to make better friends again. 

So..I hope we all meet a good friends where we can talk everything's..and be a good friends.. 

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