Thursday, 23 October 2014

Talk Love, Heart.

Sometimes life, to put this but everyone is experience life in their daily living, sure many things in their life experience different situations. Sometimes we love, sometimes we hate, sometimes we happy, sometimes we sad, that always about how we living in each moment. should say, this is just our LIFE... isn't complicated to understand how we did survive day by day, it really crazy but it been incredibly WONDERFUL LIFE through all the BITTERSWEET MOMENT...

2014, sure everyone have lots need to share and talk be about it, well..same goes to me...  As for me, 2014 surely will be a year expect the most since I born in horse year so 2014 meant alot to me and i expect something more great, awesome and even the greatest one. Haha and my biggest wish and hope is to machine my dream which us i hope i can be that dream in the nearest time. So I praying hard and work hard to achieve it. So *fingercrossed** for it. Amen!

You know what, I always have this very fantastic imagine about my MR. Right man, how we meet and how much we did care about each other, how we going to spend our rest of life together, getting old together, having a kids together...Argh!! Just imagine it... Hahahahaha :P i know we always will have our own FANTASTIC about man! I been knowing quite few man(all of them really nice but somehow it didn't work) in my life... and this guy quite few year now, being friend and we STILL are good friend but we never see each other but we being friends through he cousin which is one of my good friends so that how we start our friendship and we not really always chat through but we kinda like close, haha but in somehow when there a time, he telling me the feeling he got towards! i super shock surprise! somehow, he really move my heart the way he care, the way how he make me feel so special even more, oh gosh, I like  omg! swear that he one of the every girl's love since he is really romantic person, caring person,  family styles and etc... hahaha well.. something's happen, it really hard to explain but i stilll hope the BEST for him and i did not know what gonna happen in this friendship, maybe someday might tun into "romantics relationship" or not, for sure, i glad and appreciate that he was my good friend now... like old saying, 

" if only you MORE work hard and be patient, things eventually will became yours, SOMEDAY you will be the one for someone you love"  

Honestly, I pretty hard to get on relationship like I dunno why, is my requirements very high or maybe not my taste, maybe cus I guess I love myself too much and protecting myself too much. This is not the first time but it been happen for several time and till now I still can't get it why I have this kind i very complicated person! haix..haix..Hrmm..i guess I such weird person... haix...cant help it out...everything's has change, just like the last time, when the heart about to like the name, it break the heart and the blame was how hard for me to trust and it too late...when we did missing the times where it should start blooms, some place have start blooms early then you expect. Cus it just the last times. The best times, once here, but the bad times has come and took away where the best times must go and take another new breath to gain yourself moving on. Put the list in your heart, that the only way to remember when we once did like. Moving on and we all wish the best for our life, to you and to me, let's cheer up the times used to come and now we moving toward the times we gonna headed out.

** so for all my reader, please don't give up on your love, if you meet someone nice or suit you, grab the chance.. so let's do our best in life and Love story... hope we all meet someone we could spend the rest our life with that person. ** 

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