Wednesday, 1 October 2014


Having the worst feeling in your life definitely never beeeen good day, that what i feel a few day ago when my mom sick badly which i thought it just normal sick she have, until it became worst decide to take my mom go see a doctor and the doctor told me that my mom have a high blood pressure which is shock me and speechless awhile cus my mom never love eat sweeet things or eat fast fooods, she more into simple foods and traditional way when come too eat so i always have this though in my mind that people never love eat those so off course will never get any bad sick right.. but guess i soo wrong about this knowledge. did you know that most shock me is this high blood things can be seriously worst by Stoke which i believe everyone know this fact of stoke.
 as the doctors said must take a good control on the foods we takes so we can prevent any disease.
 that really scared and i feel soo terrific and seeing my mother getting older now, makes me feels like spending times with her does get me feels so emotional, i dunno why....i guess, i hate my mom grow old... 

Seeing one of our family sick is really painful to deal with it cus we just hope them always in good healthy.. I just wish and hope and forever pray for her in good healthy and always healthy and always in good condition each part of her bodyyy. Get well soon mom! and i hope you stay strong! :)

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