Saturday, 8 November 2014

SICK Road 2 + Big Plans Change

Hey..Hey.. How everyone doing now.. OMG!!!! it's November now! shit! Can you believe it...time fly freaking fast and we still left one month to go before end of December  2014 man! Oh noo! I seriously dunno where the time go for me.. i hate to said  but i lost in the time right now. i can't follow any step forward with a new days. 

As i lost in times now, i been seriously make a big plans and change in my healthy life, i really LOVE and darling soo much this new changing i make to my life. well..i gonna do it to make sure i will stay healthy since i been sick harder this few months now. soo yeah...i sooo unhealthy to just kept suck my self eat everything's  i want to eat. YOU can eat everything's you want BUT there a limit whatever you eat right.. so that why i changing my lifestyles of eating for more healthy ways now. i CUT down some sugars, salt, meat and CHOCOLATES and DRINKS Lemon (Warms/Ice) yes, you know that..well..i dunno what is the TRUE theory about this Warm Lemon but for sure, I, myself, i can't drink Lemon everyday for now, Especially those got GASTRIC(Acid) , you surely better not drink lemon too much in your daily life, cus it will even worst your gastric since it quite Acid. soo that how i got mine Acid Gastric which is crazy and painful Stomach i ever have any sick in my life. i never feels soo much pain then this before. and I make sure myself ON TIME eating. that the best way for any gastric you guys have. and DON'T get wrong with my information about this Drink LEMON things...You can always drink it but if you got nay gastric sick, make sure get some advice from your doctors. (Just to make sure your gastric wont get more worst

 i been Workout/Exercise soo much now, i take 30 minutes or 1 hours to done my workout, well..beside to lost some weight, it's also for my sake of healthy as my height not balance with my current weight so i need to lost some weight. need to work even harder now..and i been soo obsess with any exercise which i search some workout session that quite easy and comfortable and harder. now my currently favorite is do SQUATS and PUSH UP SPIDER! hahaha it does require soo much energy from you but it sweat soo much as well.. haha :P even now, i think mine sweat is SEXY! haha :P 


  1. Great Post about Change and Healthy Living ! I've done squats last Summer ! and I improved a LOT with right patience and determination :) Followed your Blog !! :) <3 Hoping for you Followback !!

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    1. hey Molly! Thnak for you comments! :) right and do SQUATS does take times soo.. enjoy it n feels it change in your body. :)