Friday, 21 November 2014

Thinking Out..

Sometimes, it really hard to understand everything that you should at least KNOW. it come to some point at my life, i wish it's never happen but turn on it have to depend to every situation, times to make it through. it always easy to just give a thought to everything you ever dream off, BUT the dreamer we used to just giving a thought is far away from what we used to believe and want. it so ironic to bear everything's when you really can't even hold up to thing's you wish to. BUT i knew we can't have it all together when you living in life that not even stable from you to make a choice for yourself ONLY.....

" We just need to adjust to every situation we have cus people change in any situation they been. it's normal through the bad, worst, pain, happy "

Every action you take, consider all the things you should't never compare to other's. cus it's never same for everyone living like your life.... It being so much beast beautiful life i used to have, right now i still hope we all will going through a beautiful life too. *Fingercrossed*

Till next time...


  1. This is really a nice post dear. Very Inspiring say would you like to follow each other? just let me know on my blog. hugs.

    1. Hey Nana! thanks for your comments. :) have a great day. :)