Tuesday, 30 December 2014


Yes, it's 30.12.2014, in 24 hours we will celebrate #NewYear2015, wow! mixed feelings, feeling like can't believe that we/world/earth actually going to enter a new beginning again which is #2015, 

everyone is just overwhelmed with this 24 hours coming new year 2015. 

All the blogger is posting about coming year planning and as well the closing of 2014 in less 24 hours now, so i gonna do it too! :P 

1. Went to my mother hometown in Indonesia, come back on this early years 2014, definitely one of my precious moment.. meeting my first time Grandmother, uncle, auntie, cousin and relatives.. just amazing... check my post about thisJourney To Hometown "

2. I doing fine, i mean 50/50, as i been searching jobs now so i hoping a better option, career, future and as well better place to earn money too. *Fingercrossed* 

3. so far so good, Healthy is most what i fear, as my wishing is my mom, dad, little sister *brother always stay in very good healthy. as this year kinda lot bad news regarding healthy issues so pray for them always in good healthy. *especially, my grandma* 

4. I thankful with everything's happened on this year #2014, Up and Down i going this road i stilll thankful to god for giving a every single day living alive and comfort every happy and sorrow i have in my life now till today. i just can't stop thank you what he done for me. although i angry sometimes towards he but i know he will always beside me. 

5. #2014, definitely one of the years, we been really sad about, as we been shock by all the news of aviation, missing, shoot down..missing/crush.., blood war, thousand people killed through this war included kids, flooding worst where thousand people loss they house, and more etc..i pray for the best for every situation we went through.. may someday we all in this earth will living harmony, peace and LOVE

6. LOVE story, well.. uo to now, i still doing great by myself, and i just not rushing into my love life, so i just gonna leave it to god. if there someone for me then send it faster! haha 

7. so another year, my social network is getting bigger and crazyy! haha, i got Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Weibo, Tuding, Meipai, etc... oh god! so hard to manage yet soo funnn can get the inspire by everyone!! :) 

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so, how about you guys story of the year...


  1. Great post! 2014 was a great year for the most of us! Hope we'll have as great this 2015! Wishing you a happy new year! :)


    1. thank you babe! :) wish you happy new year too :)


  2. Aww wishing you a happy new year dear! and more blessings and love for the new year to come! This post is very inspiring so many things to thank for and to look forward to! Nice to be here in your blog and to meet you! Your blog is amazing btw :) Hope we'll connect and hear more from each other. I'm your new follower from the Philippines <3

    love lots,


    1. aww! thank you for the wish. happy new year to you :) wish you have a great one. :)