Thursday, 4 December 2014


When we all start talk about LIFE, we just back to the basic where we are feeling emotional about everything. It hard to say anything sometimes when it's come to said  "It's Okay"... 

I believe too, we just the basic and normal when come to talk everything happened on your LIFE right...we find a thousand way or words just to encourage our self to make better in our life. but sometimes it just not work cus we can't fight everything's to back normal as before we feel. it felt so depression, YOU get the feeling the most worst of your life then you just gonna stick everything you got to make things gone and away.

 i could just say that, i not forever sad about things happen on my life but i feel so unfair that why i must go through this worst time while i never did somethings horrible to anyone. it not pleased feeling but it very hard to resist it. YOU though you can but the true is you just never make it gone forever, yes, you moving on but when it come the times you living, 

YOU will back to remembered those times. 

Living in life, there a worst feeling you must live to, cus that is your motivation, inspiration, strength you to live strong and tough! EVERYONE, EVERYBODY can do it well, but its always became the most pain feeling. 

we always wonder how much longer we need to endure the pain we have, how much longer we need to pretend being strong, how much longer we need to be patience every times. it not easy to be OKAY while actually we NOT okay.  

Sooo much dream we want to make it happened but not every dream will just happened like you wish to. YOU work hard, do harder, wish harder, pray harder but yet never come true. hah.. it really tricking you sometimes. the most comfortable feeling is when you start cry, cry, cry and lay on your bed and hugs your favorite dolls or pillow, that is my most and heal my sadness and pain cus it my comfortable therapy, i need someone but i don't need someone to make me feel better cus i just know myself too well and how i gonna feel make myself be happy again... 

B'cus i been through the worst worst things in my life by my own self, and it's teach me to became a better person. I hate it to said but i proud to myself that i can go through this road by myself. 

All i can said, it never easy road man to go but believe me, it teach me how to being tough and patience in my every movement and action in my every single step in life... 

"Live well in order to live faithfully, 
Living stronger like each of your bone's"
by. Alice C. 

Till the next post..

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