Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Countdown To Christmas 2014

Jingle, jingle bell, Oh noo! Are we Ready to face this #Christmas which will happen in 24 hours Christmas Eve! and and 7 days more we going to countdown for #NewYear2015

For sure, Everyone would be agreed with me , for the past few years included this year, time flies so fast as so fast and we did what we could to make sure we didn't wasted the times each of our life, right? as for me, yes, still unemployed yet and i wasted too much time AGAIN! HUH.. I have no idea what is going on, i regret it soo much in my rest of my life but i just don't wanna regret over and over again so i gonna accept it cool ways and work even harder each years to paid back those time i wasted. 

so, so, Let's talk about Christmas month, week, day, eve and countdown
it all aboout Decoration tress, lighting's, gift, gift and being happy! haha but too bad 
Malaysia noo Snow for it well... at least you have to travel to some country to feel exactly what Christmas feels like with snow. at least 1 times in your lifetimes. isn't ?

Every year December , we sure look forward #Christmas times, maybe because we still live up to SANTA CLAUS where we hear the stories from books or movie. oh god! it still firely live in my mind and every December of Christmas i will secretly look for the gift that Santa claus might send me! hahahah i still living in that fairy tale of Christmas Santa Clau. i mean, i gonna live it with till i getting older... although i knew it never happen but still good to have this kind of dream. :P 

The Christmas Trees is everywhere, aww! it sooo mood of Christmas now, and ofcoure not forget to say that i did put the Christmas tree in my house and i just cant stop seeing it especially the light is ON! HUHUHU.. feeling like wanna Christmas everyday..i hope mine Christmas will get better and better each years in future.. :)

and yeah i did manage get some photo of the Christmas trees n shopping malls which is very inspired me to make my own Christmas trees decor next year.. haha 

Let's the Picture do the talk here: 

Here some Picture of the Christmas tree's in my house! :P Just small and simple. hehehe but gonna get the big one next year! hahaha

and as well, my own Christmas Tree in my room! i just done decor it yesterday night so i hope you love it! :) 

Taddaaaaaa! Hope You guys Have a wonderful Christmas with the one you love.



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